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The New Negroes

The New Negroes with Baron Vaughn & Open Mike Eagle is a socially aware stand-up and music series. Vaughn and Eagle took inspiration for the series and title from the term "New Negro," as popularized during the Harlem Renaissance, and it refers to black Americans speaking up, telling their own stories and affirming their various identities to dismantle outdated assumptions and beliefs.

Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust

Gerhard Reinke is your tour guide as he travels the globe in his various and sometimes awkward adventures. From the Andes where he struggles with a coco addiction to California in his search for the elusive Bigfoot. There's guaranteed never to be a dull moment.

Halfway Home

Recently paroled criminals must find a way to live together in "Halfway Home". Crenshaw House is where the LA Bureau of Prisons houses some of its most notorious (though not always tough) prisoners on their road to re-integration into "normal" society.

Trigger Happy TV (US)

What first started out as three minute clips on the UK's Paramount Comedy Channel and then evolved into Channel 4's hit show Trigger Happy TV has now become one of American cable network Comedy Central's biggest hits.

BattleBots (2000)

Remote-controlled, armored and weaponized machines called BattleBots figth to the death in an arena called the BattleBox. The purpose of the fight is for one robot, or "bot", to dominate or disable the other.

Tough Crowd

Tough Crowd was hosted by Collin Quinn on Comedy Central. It featured a guest panel of comedians and each, including Quinn, would give their take on current events around the world and in American society, because "comics don't lie".

Typical Rick

Aspiring actor Gary (Nick Swardson) moves to Los Angeles with big dreams of making it in Hollywood. His one problem? Everyone he meets seems to be much more interested in his handsome but obnoxious best friend Rick (Simon Rex).

Mash Up

Featuring stand-up performances from a host of comedians including Chris Hardwick, Hannibal Buress, Chris D'Elia, Pete Holmes, and Reggie Watts, "Mash Up" bolsters the sets with stylized recreations of the jokes being said on stage.

David Alan Grier's Chocolate News

David Alan Grier hosts this urban-leaning parody of magazine shows. 'News' correspondents are the sketch comedians.

You Have Been Watching (Australia)

Hosted by TV personality and comedian Peter Berner, You Have Been Watching (Australia) is a local version of the UK comedy panel show.