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Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution

Gabriel Iglesias is a comedian of many words. Now with this show, he finally gets to have his friends and Ozomatli, the house band, provide laughs for all to share in.

Time Trumpet

Based on the UK series of the same name, it is a historical documentary that takes a look at news from today and looks at it from a futuristic perspective.

Drew Carey's Green Screen Show

A team of comedic improvisers (mostly "Whose Line" alums) headed by Drew Carey perform on a green screen set, and their antics are now fleshed out with amusing animation.

Mind of Mencia
Comedy Central,


| Comedy
Rating: 3/5

Comedy Central brings us Carlos Mencia with his very own show, Mind of Mencia! Mind of Mencia is based on a lot of stereotypes, but the sad part about it all is that it's true!

The Comedy Jam

The Comedy Jam is the intersection of comedy genius and rock & roll dreams. Each episode will feature stand-up comedians performing in front of a live audience where they share memorable moments from their lives that are linked with an iconic hit song. After the telling of each story, the comedians live out their rock star fantasy, performing the song while backed by The Comedy Jam Band.

The Fake News with Ted Nelms

The world may be full of fake news, but Ted Nelms is a name you can truly trust to distrust.

That's My Bush!
Comedy Central,


| Comedy, Politics
Rating: 4/5

President George W. Bush lives in a comedy sitcom version of the White House called That's My Bush!, with a comedy sitcom wisecracking maid Maggie, a comedy sitcom neighbor Larry that barges in at random, and comedy sitcom types of problems, most of which also intersect with big controversial issues.

The Man Show

The show celebrates all that is manly, from beer to women to porn, and though is at times less than tasteful, never takes itself seriously and does everything tongue and cheek along with a wink and a smile. After 4 season, the co-hosts Adam Corrolla and Jimmy Kimmell moved on, and were replaced by Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope. This is believed to be what killed the show, as it was cancelled after just one season with the new hosts.

Sports Show with Norm MacDonald
Comedy Central,


| Sports
Rating: 4/5

Norm MacDonald will report on and provide his opinions for the wide world of sports. The show will be taped in front of a live studio audience and will cover all things sports, all told from MacDonald's unique sense of humor from his "SNL Weekend Update" days!

Michael and Michael Have Issues

Friends and long-time partners Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter collaborate on this sketch comedy series on Comedy Central.