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The Saved and Remade WorkshopThe Saved and Remade Workshop
Really, 2022 Running | Reality
Rating: 3/5

Hosted by Amanda Lamb, The Saved & Remade Workshop will see a team of expert craftspeople take much-loved but unused objects from members of the public and transform them into something completely different; giving them a new lease of life and a real purpose that their owners will actually use.

Swipe Right for MurderSwipe Right for Murder
Really, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Swipe Right for Murder reveals the growing danger of online love matches. These days singletons think nothing of arranging to meet a stranger for a date or opening doors to someone they have purchased something from online. But in the last year, the number of serious crimes linked to dating apps has increased by over 10 times, and the police believe that it's one of the biggest threats facing the public. To make it worse, there's not a lot the police can do in a world where daters invite strangers into their lives with no idea about who they really are. A staggering 10 per cent of all known sex offenders use online dating apps as their very own private hunting ground. With access to the victims' families and the police, Swipe Right for Murder is a very modern true crime series for very modern times.

20 Years on Death Row20 Years on Death Row
Really, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Documentary

This true crime series tells the story of Keith Doolin. The long-distance truck driver, with no previous convictions, has spent 20 years on death row in San Francisco for the killing two women in 1995. Doolin has always maintained his innocence after a botched trial during which his original attorney, who was later disbarred, gambled away the defence fund. A key witness in the trial, who was later convicted of murder, also revealed crucial information to her lawyer that further points to Doolin's innocence before committing suicide. But with California voting to speed up the death penalty process in 2016, Doolin is now in a race against time. 20 Years on Death Row follows Doolin's case from start to finish, examining the victims, the police and legal players, as well as examine the man himself, who maintains his innocence to this day. What really did happen 23 years ago?

Into the FireInto the Fire
Really, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Documentary, Biography
Rating: 4/5

Get a glimpse into the heroic work of the West Midlands Fire Service in the gripping observational documentary series, Into the Fire. Follow brave firefighters as they tackle dangerous blazes, rescue those in need, and put their lives on the line every day. Don't miss this heart-pumping show!

Cornwall Air 999Cornwall Air 999
Really, 2020 Running | Documentary

Follow the extraordinary work of the Cornwall Air Ambulance. These dedicated pilots and paramedics put their lives on the line to protect the holidaymakers and locals across the busy county.

21st Century Serial Killers21st Century Serial Killers
Really, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary, Crime

Documentary series exploring how the grim opportunities provided by the 21st century played a part in numerous murders. Interviews with experts and the victims' loved ones reveal the shocking details of these crimes.

The Bad Foot ClinicThe Bad Foot Clinic
Really, 2024 Running | Reality, Documentary

A medical programme that showcases some quite startling foot ailments and how they might be changed for the better.

Detectives: My Killer CaseDetectives: My Killer Case
Really, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary, Crime

Detectives: My Killer Case follows detectives as they reflect on some of their most memorable cases. From identifying one of Britain's most notorious female psychopath serial killers through to the Suffolk Strangler, the series takes viewers on a journey of discovery through police footage and expert evidence.

Say Yes to the Dress With Tan FranceSay Yes to the Dress With Tan France
Really, 2023 Running | Reality

Fashion superstar, Tan France, takes his expertise to the English countryside in order to help a lucky group of brides-to-be choose their dream wedding dress at a special bridal salon.

Ainsley's Good Mood FoodAinsley's Good Mood Food
Really, 2021 On Hiatus | Cooking/Food, Reality

Join chef Ainsley Harriot in a celebration of delicious food that really boosts your mood. Ainsley will be cooking in his own happy places, in his kitchen and on the beach - he'll be showcasing some of the fabulous flavours, incredible ingredients, and marvellous methods that go into meals that simply make you smile!

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