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District 31


| Drama, Crime
Rating: 5/5

The daily life of a team of inspectors assigned to the station of a large Montreal borough.


The program whose original aim was simply to provide good, clean family entertainment has become an institution after 15 years on the air. Jean-René Dufort and his sidekicks, Chantal Lamarre and Mc Gilles, delight in the news events of the week.

Les pays d'en haut

Forty-five years after the end of the television series "Les belles histoires des pays d'en haut", a revised version of the soap opera is about to enter the airwaves. Proposed by the author Gilles Desjardins and the director Sylvain Archambault, this black version takes on an extra layer of fiction compared to the original scenarios, to the delight of the young and the not so young.

Faits divers

A game of cat and mouse between criminals and police in Québec. (French)


A perennial favourite, this program hosted by Charles Tisseyre examines the fascinating world of science through real issues of concern to viewers. Each episode features reports on technological breakthroughs in research, cutting-edge developments, environmental issues, space, medicine and health. Découverte is a journey of discovery. It's also must-see TV for people curious about how the many branches of science affect their daily lives.

Grande Ourse


| Drama, Fantasy
Rating: 3/5

In the remote village of Grande Ourse (Great Bear), the leader of a local witch convenant is found dead. Then, people lose their regular TV signal; instead, they see personal thoughts from local are being broadcasted at most unexpected times. Thoughts and opinions that would have been better left unknown. People start to die and tensions are mounting in the little village where TV is the only entertainment available. Desperate for help, the Mayor calls on the Department of National Security. People are increasingly turning to witchcraft, while details about a classified research project that took place in Grande Ourse many years ago are slowly being revealed.


Enquête (lit. "Inquest") is a Canadian French-language television newsmagazine series, which airs weekly on Ici Radio-Canada Télé and Ici RDI. The show is anchored by Marie-Maude Denis, and includes contributions from journalists Hélène Courchesne, Josée Dupuis, Sylvie Fournier, Guy Gendron, Normand Grondin, Solveig Miller, Madeleine Roy, Françoise Stanton, Pascale Turbide and Julie Vaillancourt.

Serie noire

Two TV writers whose critically savaged police show is a surprise hit decide that they need real criminal experiences to spice up their second season.


This is an educational public affairs program of Radio-Canada television on food, be it consumption or nutritional value. It is also a useful food guide.

Les pecheurs

"Les pêcheurs" (In French Only) - Winning series of four Gémeaux Awards. Martin and his acolytes are back for a third fishing season even more hilarious and surprising. This season, Jean-François Mercier, Phil Roy, Jean-Thomas Bégin, Alex Kovalev, Guy A. Lepage and several others play themselves in a daring series of episodes that doesn't fail to entertain! Every week, Martin Petit gets visitors from the great family of humorists in Quebec for a fishing weekend in a rustic and bucolic setting! Far from the city and family life, Martin and his friends will live surprising and funny situations, especially as they are presented to us as we already know them! Humorous and true style exercises tailored to the guests, the situations are inspired by tasty skits Martin Petit has often played on stage.

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