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Incredible Edible America with the DunhamsIncredible Edible America with the Dunhams
Food Network, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Travel, Cooking/Food, Reality

Join Jeff Dunham and his wife Audrey as they embark on a delicious journey across America in search of the best food the country has to offer. From the East Coast to the West Coast, the Dunhams explore unique culinary creations and meet the talented chefs behind them. Get ready for a mouth-watering adventure!

Chef at HomeChef at Home
Food Network, 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Cooking/Food
Rating: 5/5

Join Chef Michael Smith as he shares his secret recipe for cooking without a recipe in the hit TV series Chef at Home. Learn how to create delicious meals using simple techniques and fresh ingredients.

Hungry GamesHungry Games
Food Network, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Cooking/Food, Educational, Reality

Ever wonder why ice cream is so deliciously addictive, or why it makes our brain freeze when we eat it too quickly? Or why a menu item can sound so irresistibly good that you just have to order it? Chef Richard Blais reveals how you taste, choose, and crave favorite foods on new series Hungry Games, premiering Monday, October 20th at 8:00pm ET/PT on Food Network. In each of the six half-hour episodes, fun hidden camera experiments and man-on-the-street taste tests will reveal surprising facts about the inner-workings of the brain that will change the way you think about food.

Kitchen CasinoKitchen Casino
Food Network, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Cooking/Food, Reality, Competition

This competition series brings together four talented chefs in a high-stakes game of chance that requires skill, speed and adaptability. In each episode, four competitors would be wise to keep one eye on the ticking clock while they attempt to out-cook and out-smart their competition during three casino-themed cooking challenges - slots, poker and roulette - for a chance to win the $30,000 jackpot. The chefs must be at the top of their game throughout the three rounds to handle whatever Lady Luck deals them, and they must double-down on their skills or risk being 86'd.

Baked in VermontBaked in Vermont
Food Network, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Cooking/Food, Family

Baked in Vermont is hosted by Gesine Prado. She is an acclaimed pastry chef, home cook, and baking instructor, teaching regularly at King Arthur Flour, Stonewall Kitchen, and her own baking school in Hartford, Vermont: Sugar Glider Kitchen. The school is attached to her 18th century farmhouse where she lives with her husband, two dogs, two cats, one goose, three ducks and five chickens.

Kitchen ExpeditionKitchen Expedition

Kitchen Expedition is an hour-long travel/adventure show that uncovers the history behind some of the world's most fascinating foods. Chef and restauranteur Robert Irvine leads the expedition, traveling to the far reaches of the world and diving deep into the rich, unexpected history of common items like salt and chocolate, to more exotic ingredients like truffles and cinnamon.

The Grill DadsThe Grill Dads
Food Network, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Cooking/Food, Reality

Hit the road with Mark and Fey, BFF dads with a combined love of all things grilled, fried, creative and downright flavorful. They'll showcase some of the most-epic bites to leave you wanting more - and perhaps serve up a few dad jokes while they're at it!

Rachel Khoo: My Swedish KitchenRachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen
Food Network, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Cooking/Food, Reality

The series follows Khoo as she puts her own twist on traditional Swedish dishes in the kitchen of a 'stuga', an old-style wooden house. Across the eight episodes, Rachel spends time immersed in nature in the local countryside, making the most of her new way of life, as well as meeting with food producers and other local craftspeople. There's also a sprinkling of witty anecdotes, charming stories and entertaining observations about her new homeland.

Matt Tebbutt's South AfricaMatt Tebbutt's South Africa
Food Network, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Adventure, Documentary

British chef and television presenter Matt Tebbutt of 'Food Unwrapped' travels to South Africa to explore the landscape and experience the food it has to offer. As he travels across the country, he seeks out regional specialties and explores the diversity and flavour of local food. Each episode of the ten-part food and travel series focuses on the role of a single ingredient in the lives of South Africans, including beef, maize and South African barbecue. Matt also meets with local people, from a food blogger to farmers, cookbook authors and Nelson Mandela's personal chef, to discover food stories and learn about the rich culture and heritage of South African cuisine.

Outrageous FoodOutrageous Food
Food Network, 2010 Cancelled/Ended | Reality

Join Tom Pizzica, the funny finalist of The Next Food Network Star, on his quest for outrageous eats that are sure to blow your mind. From towering burgers to massive milkshakes, Tom will stop at nothing to find and create the most over-the-top dishes. Get ready to indulge!