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Grand Designs: House of the Year (SE)Grand Designs: House of the Year (SE)

In Grand Design's House of the Year, architecture critic and presenter Mark Isitt visits unique and spectacular houses and meets the people behind the astute and daring design. The houses compete in four different categories and a jury consisting of some of the country's foremost architects then selects the winner in each class, to finally choose what will be the House of the Year.

Gray AreaGray Area
C More, 2018 | Thriller

When a fugitive acquaintance from the past resurrects in the life of Dachter Victorian Victoria, the situation quickly develops into a battle against the clock where life and death are at stake. Gisslantagen in her own home in Copenhagen, she is forced to provide classified information to save her own and her son's life. The kidnapper Iyad's agenda is devastating and Scandinavia is the target.

Maria KallioMaria Kallio
C More, 2021 | Crime
Rating: 4/5

Maria Kallio is a police officer who is a lawyer without a final exam. However, the blood draws Maria to the work of policing and, tired of her studies, she takes the place as the leader of the Western Uusimaa police murder team.

Hautalehto: Kylmä syliHautalehto: Kylmä syli
C More, 2021 | Action, Thriller
Rating: 4/5

Tells of the drowning of young men, which bring Criminal Commissioner Hautalehto into torturous uncertainty. Can one's own loved ones be trusted when the secret casts a shadow over the inner circle?

Håll andan!Håll andan!

Ruben, Lo and Wilma will soon start high school, but first wait a few weeks for an eventful summer camp, full of conflicts and romance. The three teenagers come from widely different worlds and the conflict is inevitable when they end up in the same team, but soon something changes. The three begin to fall for each other.

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