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You Knock On My DoorYou Knock On My Door
FOX Türkiye, 2020 | Comedy, Drama, Romance | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.9/5

Eda, who ties all her hopes to her education, confronts Serkan Bolat, who cuts off her international education scholarship and leaves her with high school diploma. Serkan Bolat offers Eda to give her scholarship back if she pretends to be his fiance for two months. Although Eda rejects the offer of this man as she hates him, she has to accept it when the conditions change. While pretending to be engaged, Serkan and Eda begin to experience a passionate, challenging relationship that will make them forget all they know right. Because love is difficult. And that's why it's amazing.

Bay YanlışBay Yanlış
FOX Türkiye, 2020 | Comedy, Romance | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.5/5

Özgür is a very wealthy restaurant owner and living a sloppy but happy go lucky life, and does not believe in love. Ezgi is now tired of wrong relationships and is determined to have a proper relationship and get married. Seeing that Ezgi is not successful in the relationship matters, Özgür begins to mentor her about relationships and gives her tactics to get the man she likes. Özgür and Ezgi also turns out to be neighbors.

FOX Türkiye, 2020 | Drama, Family, Action, Romance
Rating: 5/5

Tells the story of Yaman, a successful businessman who is incapable of love because of his traumatic childhood. There is only one person that he feels something for, his young nephew Yusuf. When Yusuf's mother dies unexpectedly, his aunt Seher, a beautiful, courageous young woman, moves into the family mansion to take care of him. Initially clashing with Yaman and his cold and stand-offish behavior, both soon start to develop deep feelings for one another. Yaman begins to open himself up to confront his past which leads him to a very unexpected discovery - the policeman who has been investigating him and his powerful family is actually his half-brother, who he didn't know existed.

Aşk Mantık İntikamAşk Mantık İntikam
FOX Türkiye, 2021 | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: 5/5

When Esra met Ozan, she worked as a waitress to make ends meet. To elevate her living standards, she makes the logical decision to marry Ozan, but she opted for a divorce with the great difficulties faced in the marriage. After the divorce, Ozan opens a software company and becomes very rich. When Esra learns this fact, she somehow maneuvers her way to a position at Ozan's company to win back his heart, come hell, come high water.

Yasak ElmaYasak Elma
FOX Türkiye, 2018 | Drama, Romance
Rating: 4.2/5

Zeynep and Yıldız are two sisters who are very fond of each other but whose dreams are completely different. Their life changes when Yildiz meets Ender Argun, the queen of the Istanbul's high society, who decides to use Yildiz to get rid of her husband Halit Argun. Contemporarily the company that Zeynep works for is bought by Alihan Taşdemir, an arrogant, witty, rich businessman. The contrasts of Zeynep and Alihan soon turn into a fiery attraction and a beautiful love story. What Zeynep does not know though is that Alihan is Halit's business partner and also his ex-wife's brother. Yildiz's decision to get rid of Ender and get Halit to marry her will this way affect not only her life but also Zeynep's.

Son YazSon Yaz
FOX Türkiye, 2021 | Drama, Action, Romance
Rating: 4.9/5

Idealist Public Prosecutor Selim Kara receives an offer he cannot refuse from the organized crime leader Selçuk Task?n, whom he sent to prison 8 years ago. Selçuk Task?n wants to testify in one of Prosecutor Selim's cases and his testimony will destroy the whole criminal organization. However, there is only one condition for this; the personal protection of his son, Akgün Gökalp Task?

Mucize DoktorMucize Doktor
FOX Türkiye, 2019 | Drama, Medical
Rating: 5/5

Born in a provincial town with savant syndrome, the genius Ali grew up in orphanages after being rejected by his father for adoption and lived in a private hospital, where he began to work as an assistant surgeon.

FOX Türkiye, 2021 | Drama, Romance
Rating: 5/5

The life of Bahar, married with two children, changes when her 19-year-old daughter falls in love with the wrong man. Her daughter Ela's first love is not a university student her own age, but her father's 35-year-old boss, who is about to get married. Bahar, who tries to save her daughter from this misstep, but cannot do anything about it, no matter what she tries. The lives of Bahar and her family change forever on Ela's nineteenth birthday.

FOX Türkiye, 2021 | Drama, Romance
Rating: 5/5

Fighting for her dreams, Ezo has two things to hold on to in this life; memories and what's left of her mother - So a handful of hope. However, everything he has in his hand is taken away at once by his family, to whom he is persecuted. Ezo has two ways. He will either give up or fight. He chooses to fight, to the death - Harun and his mother Nermin, who take advantage of Ezo's predicament, set their sights on Ezo, whom they see as the weakest link, in order to regain their old pompous times, but there is something they do not know. Ezo is not as helpless and helpless as they think. Unaware of what he has done and will do, they will become prey on the way to hunt.


Naz who is a pediatrician loses her baby during pregnancy. Even though her husband wants another baby, she refuses to go through the same thing all over again. She goes to Italy for a conference and meets Ali Nejat there.

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