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Game of OutlawsGame of Outlaws
Channel 3, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Thriller, Romance
Rating: 5/5

Jane and Lalisa were born on the same day and are step-siblings. Their father died while serving in the police. Lalisa's mother treated Janenaree as her own child. Together with their younger brother,they formed a close sibling bond. Over time, Lalisa and Janenaree entered the SIC (Special Investigation Centre) special training unit. Both were sent to train with Inspector Non. The young police officer who visited the Royal Thai Police and is admired by the commanding officers in the agency. Non chooses Darin as his new assistant. But, after the death of Darin during a chase with drug dealers, he gets dejected and resigns from the police. But Commander Kajorn still wants him to continue working. Amid the approval of Captain Kajorn, who saw the potential of Janenaree, sent her as Non's new assistant. But Lalisa misunderstands that her sister will take Non from her. therefore turned to cooperate with Captain Phongsathorn, the opponent of Nont to take the work from the Janenaree team. Will both Janenaree and Lalisa reconcile or continue with rivalry? Will inspector Non be able to catch the main mastermind behind the drug cartel?

Dhevaprom: DujupsornDhevaprom: Dujupsorn
Channel 3, 2024 Running | Drama, Romance

"Fah" Dujupsorn's mother M.L. Wilairampha remains resentful of M.R. Ronnaphi Juthathep for breaking a promise to marry her. Fah loves her mother so much that she is ready to take revenge on the Juthatheps; she is to apply for a job at a Juthathep-owned company and seduce M.L. Ronnaphum Juthathep to fall for her, only to hurt him. Ironically, it is Fah who falls in love; she is stunned when she meets the president of the company, Major M.L. Asira Juthathep, the eldest son of M.R. Tharathorn, as he is the charming and handsome soldier from her past who had once saved her life. She now faces the toughest decision of her life: revenge may not be her choice, but it is her destiny.

Channel 3, 2024 Running | Drama, Romance

Ronnachak has the chance to meet Jaiphisut who is his childhood friend because she is a teacher for Sunida, his dead friend's sister who asked him to take care of her before he died. Jaiphisut is unhappy to meet him because she can remember how he teased her. She needs to make up the relationship between Sunida and Pemnuch, unaware that they become friends and try to bring Ronnachak and Jaiphisut back together.

Life's WavesLife's Waves
Channel 3, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Romance

Geerawat brilliant actress with a painful past. She grew up with her grandmother because her mother remarried. When her mother was away on business, her stepfather always found an excuse and an opportunity to molest Gee. For this reason, Gee started to drink to relieve the suffering. Once, when she was intoxicated while driving, she accidentally knocks Sathit girlfriend and she died. Sathit hated Gee. And beside that , he misunderstood her , as if she wants to separate his family pairs. So he decided to take revenge by destroying her reputation.

The Wedding ContractThe Wedding Contract
Channel 3, 2023 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Phimphika has everything until the day her parents die in a factory fire. Soon, she and her brother Rawi move in with their grandfather Ruj, their only remaining relative. Every day, Pim secretly takes the sheep to graze on the grass at Saran's farm. Saran owns an orange farm and has long been close with Grandpa Ruj. One day, Saran catches Pim and tries to advise her in cultivating her own grass. Irritated and having gotten off on the wrong foot, Pim wants nothing more to do with him. In need of money and on the heels of fight with Saran, Rawi sells his land to influential orange farmer Thinnamai with the condition that he will give his sister to Thinnamai to repay his debt. Saran comes to the rescue by paying the debt and registering a marriage with Pim so they can get Thinnamai off her back. For the next year, the two will have to live together as husband and wife.

Channel 3, 2024 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Romance

Chatklao started his work as a doctor for a hospital in camp to pay the loan back. He meets Khwanruethai who has always teased him. However, he finds himself in love with her. She is the daughter of Maratee and general Pinij who left nothing for her and mother after death. Maratee doesn't love her because of this. Khwanruethai really hates Chatklao because she was told that her family was brought down because of Juthathep family.

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