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Fearless Planet

View the most extreme angles of the Earth with this exciting Discovery Channel series hosted by extreme sportsman Will Gadd.

Solving History with Olly Steeds

"SOLVING HISTORY WITH OLLY STEEDS" takes viewers on a heart-pounding, globe-trotting quest. From the possible sea floor ruins of Atlantis to the dizzying heights of the Andes, Olly throws himself into the story employing hidden cameras, trekking to remote locations and participating in ancient rituals. Show is known as "MYSTERY INVESTIGATOR with Olly Steeds" in the UK.

Saint Hoods

For centuries, Boston has been run by tough neighborhood crews that are in a constant battle for ultimate control and power. On the streets these crews are the law, the keepers of an old world way of life, running Boston's underworld with an iron fist. Now, for the first time ever, Discovery Channel is taking viewers to the front lines of this never-ending turf war between Boston's oldest rival crews in the new series SAINT HOODS, premiering Friday, August 2 at 10 PM ET/PT. With unprecedented access, Discovery will showcase three of Boston's most powerful crews, Southie, Roslindale, and Dorchester, as they vie for customers in the lucrative business of sports gambling. However, these businesses extend far beyond just taking bets.

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