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Out of EgyptOut of Egypt

Secret societies, ritual sacrifice, brutal religious edicts, macabre burials - how are ancient civilizations linked together and what does it say about human instinct? A whole new kind of class is in session with the dynamic, engaging Dr. Kara Cooney. Join this UCLA Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture as she bolts the lecture hall for tombs and temples around the world bringing an exciting new perspective to the most fascinating riddles in history in OUT OF EGYPT.

X-Ray Mega AirportX-Ray Mega Airport

X-Ray Mega Airport takes a behind-the-scenes look at Frankfurt Airport, showcasing its baggage-handling system and ground vehicle operations. The show also explores the airport's safety protocols, including fire and air safety measures, highlighting the attention to detail in this massive operation.

Shark After DarkShark After Dark

In each nightly episode, Host Josh Wolf will lead viewers through an hour-long celebration of all things shark-related that will include celebrity guests, shark experts and shark attack survivors, among others. The show will give viewers the first opportunity to interact live on-air every night with tweets, questions to the shark experts and more.

Deception with Keith BarryDeception with Keith Barry

Join Keith Barry, the world-renowned mentalist, as he takes viewers on a mind-bending journey in this captivating new series. Through a series of awe-inspiring performances and experiments, Keith will challenge your perceptions of reality and leave you questioning what you thought was possible.

Moon MachinesMoon Machines

Moon Machines is a 6-episode Science Channel HD documentary. It explores the engineering challenges of the Apollo Program to land a man on the Moon. The series documents everything from the Saturn V to the Lunar Rover, and was created by the team behind In the Shadow of the Moon in association with NASA. It was released on DVD in June 2009.

Wild Animal RepoWild Animal Repo

Scott Lope is one of America's premier exotic animal reposessors. He rescues extraordinary and endangered creatures from unfit owners, illegal trade and harmful environments. No animal is too dangerous or too forgotten for Scott as he and his team recover tigers, bears, monkeys, wolves and many more all with the goal of finding them a worthy home.

Out of the WildOut of the Wild

After a three-day crash course in fundamental survival skills, nine amateur hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts are flown into the rugged Alaska interior, given part of a map and some basic tools and told to hike to civilization - ideally before harsh and potentially deadly winter weather sets in. It sounds like ''Survivor,'' but with a big difference: The participants signed on, not for a million-dollar prize (there isn't one), but simply for the chance of a lifetime to challenge themselves in tough yet breathtakingly beautiful terrain.

Crimes That Shook the WorldCrimes That Shook the World

Some of the most notorious murderers in recent history are examined. Using dramatic reconstruction and expert testimony, this is a forensic account of the perpetrators and the detectives in the crimes that shook the world.

County JailCounty Jail

County Jail takes you deep inside some of the toughest jails in America. In this series, we take you to jails in Miami, Las Vegas, and Oakland, where inmates are facing life, or, sometimes, death. It's a world where guilt and innocence hang in the balance - breeding tension, desperation, and the never-ending threat of violence.

Bone DetectivesBone Detectives

Follow an adventurous archaeologist as he journeys to the farthest reaches of the earth on a quest driven by the belief that the secrets of the past have yet to be revealed. Carefully preserved mummies and entombed skeletons are a link to ancient civilizations. Each presents a mystery to unravel, a life to understand, a world to explore and a death to reveal. But these long-hidden remains do not yield their secrets easily. Ancient tombs are protected by lush vegetation, inhospitable terrain, ever-changing weather, dangerous wildlife and man-made obstacles. The pursuit of mummies, and answers to the mysteries they raise, will take our adventurer to some of the most spectacular and remote places on our planet.