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I Was MurderedI Was Murdered

Haunting voices from beyond the grave narrate their own murder investigations, offering clues to solve their untimely deaths. I Was Murdered (a.k.a. Stolen Voices. Buried Secrets) draws on The Lovely Bones novel and feature film technique to tell the story of a murder through the victim's fictionalized narration. Investigators and family members of these real life crimes are interviewed while the voice of the victim adds a personal and eerie storytelling element.

Chasing Ocean GiantsChasing Ocean Giants

Ocean explorer, adventurer and filmmaker Patrick Dykstra sets out of a mission in search of the most elusive ocean giants on the planet. He uses innovative technology and new science to uncover extraordinary secrets of the ocean. Patrick combines his unique skill set with his love of the marine world and cutting-edge ocean exploration technology to seek new and unrecorded ocean phenomena to reveal the secrets of the ocean's giants.

Wildest IndochinaWildest Indochina

Wildest Indochina takes viewers on a journey through the diverse and exotic landscapes of Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Southwest China. Discover the mega-diverse region's rare animals, breathtaking natural wonders, historic cities, and tropical jungles.

HMS Ark RoyalHMS Ark Royal

Filmed on board the Royal Navy's flagship over four months in 2010, the series followed the aircraft carrier's operations during what would turn out to be her last international deployment. With a 1000-strong crew, she was the United Kingdom's largest aircraft carrier and had been in service for 25 years. But in October 2010, shortly after the deployment ended, it was announced that she would be be decommissioned in early 2011, five years earlier than planned, along with the Harrier jets that flew from her deck. It was an eventful deployment that began in the Atlantic. But she was soon diverted to help pick up Britons stranded by the closure of the skies over Europe due to the eruption of the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull. After returning briefly to the UK for repairs, she headed back across the Atlantic to Norfolk, Virginia to resume her planned mission.


From the earliest weapons to the latest cutting-edge technology, Weaponology delves into the fascinating stories behind the world's modern arsenal. Explore weapon prototypes and super weapons that go BOOM, and learn about the pedigree of the weapons that shape our world.

Battle Machine BrosBattle Machine Bros

Follow the family business of identical twin brothers Mike and Geoff Howe, as they build some of the most exciting machines you have ever seen. In each episode, they work hard to push the limits of innovation by creating new and ingenious machines including re-designing a military tank and constructing a supercharged subterranean rover - an off-road vehicle designed to travel deep into coal mine tunnels. Working with their wives and their loyal shop crew, the Howe brothers put everything they have into their inventions. No idea is too crazy, but the success or failure of each invention could make or break their small shop which is on the verge of huge success.

Blood Road Bomb SquadBlood Road Bomb Squad

It is considered one of the most dangerous and heavily-mined countries in the world. For the specially trained soldiers tasked with finding and destroying bombs on Afghanistan's roads, there is no such thing as a typical day on the job.

Epic Mancave BuildsEpic Mancave Builds

On the edge of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, there's a motley crew of torch-wielding, adrenaline-soaked fabricators hell-bent on building the most epic mancaves in the world. Metalwork mastermind Brandon Ruff heads the rough-and-tumble company known as Firemass Metal. Whether it be transforming a ramshackle cabin into a moonshiner's paradise, replete with mechanized false walls and trap doors concealing the precious private whiskey reserves, or outfitting a bare garage into a military bunker, loaded with a hydraulic-powered armory packing enough firepower to stave off a zombie apocalypse and a roll-away bar with enough booze to have a hell-of-a-time in the process, Brandon and Tomas elevate their clients' requests to the next level. For team Firemass, it's always an adventure as they salvage, cut, and forge, Epic Mancave Builds.

Machines of MaliceMachines of Malice
Discovery, 2008 | Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Learn the history of mankind's death devices - from their invention and purpose, to why the most devious devices are often at the pinnacle of design - as execution, torture and technology come together in the most frightening ways.

Aussie Truck RehabAussie Truck Rehab

Big truck restorer Jon Kelly dices with financial disaster, sky high ambitions, mechanical dramas and his own red-hot personality, as he sets out on an all or nothing mission to build Australia's greatest truck rehab business.