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Some Assembly RequiredSome Assembly Required

Did you ever wonder how a television is put together or what goes into the making of mundane items around the house? Some Assembly Required dives in to take a look at how things are made, from high tech to toothpaste.

Bullet PointsBullet Points

Bullet Points dives into history's most important battles to learn their larger significance in the outcome of the war. Top expert analysis, cutting edge CGI, eyewitness accounts, and archival footage illustrate this riveting Cliff's Notes version of how wars were won in part because of these momentous battles.

After the StormAfter the Storm

From the Producers of Highway Thru Hell and Mud Mountain Haulers, After The Storm is a two-part documentary about the storm of the century, exploring the mechanics of the disaster, the impact on those affected, and the mammoth efforts to rebuild stronger and safer.

Bar HuntersBar Hunters

A restaurant industry consultant comes to the aid of first-time bar owners.

Construction InterventionConstruction Intervention

Follow successful New York City construction veteran Charlie Frattini and his top-notch crew as they use their unmatchable expertise to save struggling small businesses from construction nightmares.

Europe's Secret Armies: Resisting HitlerEurope's Secret Armies: Resisting Hitler

'Europe's Secret Armies' is not only an exploration of the stories behind the resistance and partisan groups that formed to fight a hated oppressor. These were civilian armies, formed by ordinary men and women left with no other option but to go underground and strike back. The series hears from those who were not prepared to be part of Adolf Hitler's ever-growing Third Reich.

Tomorrow's World TodayTomorrow's World Today

"Tomorrow's World Today" presents a cutting-edge approach to exploring concepts in science and technology that are changing lives today and making a difference tomorrow. The series introduces innovative pioneers around the world who are forming new ways to utilize natural and technological resources to create a more sustainable society. One of those pioneers is host George Davison, an author/tech ambassador and creator of Inventionland, an immersive work environment for entrepreneurs to design products of the future. Actress/writer Tamara Krinsky reports from the field.

Wings of the LuftwaffeWings of the Luftwaffe

"Wings" was an hour-long televised aviation history documentary series which aired on the Discovery Channel family of networks. It was produced by Phil Osborn. "Wings of the Luftwaffe" was a separately-branded series that focused on Luftwaffe aircraft of World War II.

Combat SchoolCombat School

The atmosphere is intense and the expectations high in this six-part documentary series which follows - for the first time ever - Canadian infantry soldiers as they undergo a technologically advanced, realistic training regimen to prepare for combat. Granted unprecedented access, the cameras go directly to the heart of modern warfare by following a platoon of 40 men and women from 1 Platoon, Mike Company, 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment from the time they commence their training until they are declared "battle-ready." Our film crew is then embedded with the platoon "outside the wire" in Afghanistan where the soldiers' skills are put to the ultimate test when they encounter insurgents for the first time.


Prehistoric takes you back in time to see what stood, lived, fought and died in your backyard hundreds, thousands, even millions of years ago. Premiering with the lost worlds of New York City, the focus of this series will be the amazing extinct creatures that once called our cities home. While many of us know that ferocious dinosaurs and large mammals once roamed America, very few realize that these creatures stalked the exact sites where we've built our major cities and most famous landmarks. We are literally walking in the footsteps of these extinct animals every day, without even realizing it. This series stands apart from other prehistoric-themed shows because ancient creatures are not just roaming a generic, unidentifiable prehistoric landscape. We always come back to the modern city as a reference point, adding a level of relevance and excitement. Each city has its own unique cast of bizarre extinct creatures, and people will be awed to see how much prehistoric action took place right in their own backyards!