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Ancient EarthAncient Earth

A 3-part documentary series features stunning animations in Ultra HD quality and sheds light on the kind of life that existed in the Permian, Triassic and Cretaceous periods beginning 250 million years ago.

Doug to the RescueDoug to the Rescue

From the front lines of Australian bushfires to coastal towns leveled by hurricanes, drone pilot Doug Thron uses next-gen technology rigged for his unique mission to rescue pets and wildlife stranded in the aftermath of a natural disaster. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, when resources are scarce and too many people are in need, what happens to the animals, both wild and domestic, that are stranded or left behind? That's where drone pilot Doug Thron comes in.

Ancient EngineeringAncient Engineering

Using the latest technological insights, this series sheds new light on how incredible feats of ancient engineering were achieved and how they continue to influence modern-day engineers and shape our world.

Mysteries Of The Bible: UnlockedMysteries Of The Bible: Unlocked

Archeologists examine recent finds and what they conclude adds vital new information to our understanding of some New Testament stories.

Secrets of the Solar SystemSecrets of the Solar System

The ultimate guide to the Solar System, told by the dedicated people who sent spacecraft to explore the sun, the planets and much more.

Evolve (2022)Evolve (2022)

Patrick investigates how life evolved ways to thrive in all corners of our planet. But can nature teach us better ways of exploring worlds beyond Planet Earth?

Inside the Mind of a Con ArtistInside the Mind of a Con Artist

Inside the Mind of a Con Artist unearths the human truths behind some of the most extraordinary cases in con artistry.

Deep Time HistoryDeep Time History

By revealing the surprising links between human History and Deep Time, this series shows how our civilization and innovations are driven not only by decisions we make or victories on the battlefield, but by Physics, Geology, Biology, Chemistry-by forces so far back in time, that the formation of our planet secretly shaped the stories we thought we knew.

Suppressed ScienceSuppressed Science

Mixing mind blowing real science, with unsolved mysteries, global conspiracies and true stories.

Ancient YellowstoneAncient Yellowstone
CuriosityStream, 2021 | Documentary
Rating: 4/5

Yellowstone National Park is famous for its unparalleled beauty but there's much, much more happening in this breathtaking spot.

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