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Ancient Earth


| Documentary
Rating: 4/5

A 3-part documentary series features stunning animations in Ultra HD quality and sheds light on the kind of life that existed in the Permian, Triassic and Cretaceous periods beginning 250 million years ago.

Mysteries Of The Bible: Unlocked

Archeologists examine recent finds and what they conclude adds vital new information to our understanding of some New Testament stories.

Space Probes

The inner planets, Mercury and Venus, orbit closest to the Sun, making them literally an Inferno of heat. NASA and other space agencies have attempted to learn more about these rocky planets. Follow the plucky probes that attempted to decipher the secrets of the Solar Systems

Cosmic Front

In the 21st century, scientists have developed amazing new ways to observe the skies, and have made discoveries that have changed our understanding of the universe. The Cosmic Front visits scientists who are pioneering the latest techniques in space research, and brings us the latest pictures of the universe, with dramatic video images and dynamic CG simulations.

Deep Time History

By revealing the surprising links between human History and Deep Time, this series shows how our civilization and innovations are driven not only by decisions we make or victories on the battlefield, but by Physics, Geology, Biology, Chemistry-by forces so far back in time, that the formation of our planet secretly shaped the stories we thought we knew.

Destination Moon

What role will the moon play in man's next attempts to conquer space?

Destination Mars

How will humans take the next step into outer space - travelling to Mars not to visit, but to stay?

Age of Big Cats

In this unprecedented series, recent scientific discoveries shed new light on the extraordinary prehistory of big cats.

The Secret History of our Evolution

Our body is a true time machine. It is a mirror of the history of the living world. If an engineer today had to fabricate the ideal human, he would most likely not design us the way we are currently made. He would go to the most logical, the most efficient, the most rational; and when you look closely, this is not always what characterizes us. By telling the story of our organs, this documentary in 4K makes us aware of an evolutionary timeline. Our nose is 40 million years old, our coccyx 25 million, our fingers 370 million, while our chin is only 200,000 years old! Embark on an archeological exploration and discover the traces of our animal past. Through three time scales, we will go back to the hundreds of millions of years during which our organs were shaped, but also to the nine months a gestation that reproduces, in accelerated version, the formation process of our organs, and to the 24 hours necessary to mobilize all of our organs. A return into the past that demonstrates that our organs, but also the use that we make of them, adapt to changes in environment and lifestyle. What adaptations will our body develop facing the future?

Ancient Oceans

In this prequel to Ancient Earth, travel back in time to the first two of the most powerful extinction periods in history.

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