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Mountain GorillaMountain Gorilla

The story of the world's last mountain gorillas, protected by a dedicated band of humans who watch and care for them. Narrated by Patrick Stewart.

The RobinsonsThe Robinsons
BBC Two, 2005 | Comedy

The amusing adventures of the eccentric Robinson family. Hector is the patriarch: a world-weary, disappointed man married to - and constantly bickering with - Pam, his sparky but equally jaded wife. Their daughter is Abigail, a bitterly-determined control-freak with a penchant for older men. Their eldest son is George, an intense misery-guts married to the chatty and impolitic Maggie, and they have a precocious son, Albert. But at the centre of proceedings is Hector and Pam's other son, Ed, a hapless, inhibited individual trying to bounce back from a painful divorce but whose life is made ever more miserable by the support of his family. He finds them excruciatingly embarrassing, especially when they indulge in their frank discussions of subjects that he would rather avoid, such as sex, death and disease.

Colin's SandwichColin's Sandwich
BBC Two, 1988 | Comedy

Colin (Mel Smith) is an aspiring writer who works full time for British Rail. The series follows his struggles to write and be published.

Novels That Shaped Our WorldNovels That Shaped Our World

Novels That Shaped Our World reflects on how the power of the novel in English effected change here and abroad through the 19th and 20th centuries. With key moments from novels brought to life with dramatic performances and readings, British and International novelists talk about the novels that have meant most to them, as the series follows the story of how the novel has reflected our historic social struggles and been instrumental in effecting change.

Trust Me, I'm a VetTrust Me, I'm a Vet

There are almost 60 million pets in the UK and, from flea collars and worm treatments to vaccinations and vet bills, pet owners now spend tens of billions of pounds a year on their health^. But what do our pets really need to have a long and healthy life? Your pet can't tell you - but science can. In Trust Me, I'm a Vet, a team of practising vets use the latest veterinary research, access to world-leading experts and brand new science to seek out the very best advice for taking care of your pet. Each episode of the series will be based at one of the country's leading vet schools.

Perfect Strangers (2001)Perfect Strangers (2001)

When Daniel attends an extraordinary family reunion with his parents, he discovers a world he hardly knew existed. Seduced by the allure of this new world, Daniel adopts the role of go-between for his glamorous Aunt Alice and his dazzling cousins Rebecca (Claire Skinner) and Charles (Toby Stephens). But even the most honorable of intentions have the potential to go disastrously wrong.

Mexico: Earth's Festival of LifeMexico: Earth's Festival of Life

Mexico: Earth's Festival of Life is a landmark series revealing Mexico's astonishing wildlife, landscape and culture in three distinct worlds - great mountain ranges, tropical forests and scorching deserts.

On Thin IceOn Thin Ice

Double Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell, TV presenter Ben Fogle and Doctor Ed Coats compete in one of the world's greatest challenges - the 2009 race to the South Pole - the first organised race since Scott and Amundsen almost 100 years ago.

The Year Of Making LoveThe Year Of Making Love

A documentary series which follows an experiment creating 500 new couples using the power of science.


Documentary profiles examining well-known figures from the world of entertainment.