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When Skin Goes WrongWhen Skin Goes Wrong

Four top London dermatologists squeeze, drain, pop and surgically remove cysts, lipomas, acne, and anything else that's getting under their patients' skin. While the treatment methods are often messy, the results aren't just skin-changing, they're life-changing.

All About SexAll About Sex

Featuring the wild, insightful, and relatable opinions and ideas of four incredibly different and accomplished women - Margaret Cho, Heather McDonald, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry - the weekly series will take on the latest headlines, break down the "behind closed doors" conversations about sex and love, and connect with women via social media to answer question and dispel misconceptions about what could be considered America's favorite pastime.

Fabulous CakesFabulous Cakes

A behind the scenes look at the country's top bakeries. In each episode, the show will visit a new area of the country to witness the creation of three extraordinary custom cakes. Some of the best pastry chefs in the world share their tips and techniques as they conceive, construct, and deliver cakes that take the art of pastry above and beyond your everyday dessert.

Street CustomsStreet Customs

West Coast Customs has franchises in Mexico, Germany, Dubai, Malaysia, Russia and Japan. New shops are planned in Canada, South Africa and Australia. The company has expanded into the automotive industry with a new catalog of body kits and wheels. Together with the Japanese franchise, it also has opened a workshop called West Coast Customs Coach, in which coaches are also modified.

Fat ChanceFat Chance

A reality series where eight individuals attempt to lose large amounts of weight, gain confidence and find love. Each week, the show will explore one person's three-month journey to lose a targeted amount of weight and lose the self doubt to find the conviction to finally confess hidden feelings to a special someone they've never had the courage to approach. They will be coached along the way by a personal trainer to help them through the physical and emotional roadblocks on their journey to a healthier life.

Playhouse MastersPlayhouse Masters

Playhouses and treehouses are the stuff child's dreams are made of, and now one couple is producing the most spectacular treehouses, playhouses, and even doghouses imaginable.

This is Life LiveThis is Life Live

Watch families across the country go on a personal journey and share the joy, elation and surprise of once-in-a lifetime transformative moments. This groundbreaking event follows people about to experience an extraordinary circumstance and ultimately leading to a live TV moment.

Abby & BrittanyAbby & Brittany

Abby & Brittany conjoined twins! The show follows the girls around as they do normal 22-year-old woman stuff -- you know, driving (one of the pair controls the steering wheel, the other the pedals), shopping, hanging out with friends, hunting for jobs, traveling, and so forth.

TLC, 2004 | Documentary

Join Jason Priestley and Courtney Hansen as they search the country for the ultimate in stylish, classic and tricked-out cars.

Junkyard WarsJunkyard Wars
TLC, 1998 | Reality, Game Show
Rating: 4/5

This engineering challenge started off some years ago in the UK and has now made it over to TLC. In 2001 they filmed two seasons' worth of programs with a whole series of extreme Junkyard machines being built by teams of bikers, high-tech engineers, school teachers, and even hillbillies!