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Say Yes to the Dress: Big BlissSay Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss
TLC, 2010 | Reality

Taped inside premier bridal salon Kleinfeld Bridal, each half-hour episode follows the emotional journey of plus-size brides as they shop to fulfill their dream dress fantasy.

Miss America: Reality CheckMiss America: Reality Check
TLC, 2008 | Reality

Miss America: Reality Check has all of the fifty two contestants come together to live together. All of the girls participate in several events and challenges to prepare themselves for the finale event and see if one of them has what it takes to be Miss America.

Style By JuryStyle By Jury

With every new year comes a need for transformations, and new series STYLE BY JURY is helping TLC make over Friday nights. The show features fashion felons accused of committing some of the most terrible "style crimes" as they are put on trial. The fashion suspects will be secretly critiqued behind a two-way mirror by a jury of their peers, and confronted with what kind of first impression their physical appearance is making to the outside world.

Heavy HaulersHeavy Haulers

TLC spotlights a family that runs a superstructure moving company that shuffles mansions, trains, planes, ships and other enormous items hundreds of miles over treacherous terrain.

Casino ConfidentialCasino Confidential

The new series "Casino Confidential" filmed at Binion's Downtown will be a "high-octane, no-hold's-barred" docu-soap rather than regular reality TV programming. They say it will expose extraordinary events and crazy characters as told from the perspective of Binion's staff. TLC says viewers can expect to watch unruly high rollers, all-night partygoers and bachelor parties gone rogue.


Reality series focusing on the more bizarre phone calls the emergency department gets.

Making It Home: GreensburgMaking It Home: Greensburg
TLC, 2008 | Reality

In this TLC series Making it Home: Greensburg, hosts Doug Wilson and Faber Dewar will see firsthand that "giving your neighbors a helping hand" is not just a cliché, it's a way of life, especially in a community destroyed by a tornado. While neighbors in Greensburg, KS, have always looked out for each other, the storm has brought them even closer. Now, with hard work and lots of emotional resolve, this close-knit community is rebuilding their town. The time has come to transform those new houses into homes, as six families come together to tackle home improvement and design projects in each other's homes. Their goal: to create a welcoming and safe home environment for one another, and to show the world what can be done when a community works together.

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