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Fatih HarbiyeFatih Harbiye
Show TV, 2013 | Drama, Family, Romance
Rating: 5/5

The main character is a girl who lives in the suburbs of Istanbul. All her thoughts together about how to get out of poverty and miserable life and enter the socialite. Girl walking confidently towards the realization of its objectives, although a man of her class who loves her madly. She meets a rich young man and thrown into a life of debauchery paved with money and affluence. Life for that honesty and morality have no meaning.The Dreams Come True!!.

Kuzey YildiziKuzey Yildizi
Show TV, 2019 | Comedy, Romance
Rating: 5/5

Yildiz has loved Kuzey for as long as she has known. She has seen no one but him. Families are also friendly to each other. Kuzey and Yildiz are engaged. But when Kuzey goes to Istanbul to study at university, he forgets all his words and sets sail for new love. When this is learned by his family, Kuzey is excommunicated by everyone in the village, including his own family. Kuzey married the woman he loved. He had three children. Twenty years later, he experienced the pain that Yildiz experienced. He was abandoned by the woman he loved. Kuzey returns to his hometown with his three daughters. Yildiz swore to send him where he came from.


A successful lawyer's past comes back to haunt him when his childhood friends threaten to reveal a dark secret from their days in Istanbul's Kuyudibi district. As his carefully constructed life begins to unravel, the lawyer must confront the truth about what happened in his past and the consequences of his actions. Suspenseful drama set in Istanbul.

Hayat BugünHayat Bugün
Show TV, 2022 | Drama
Rating: 5/5

Turkish adaptation of US series "New Amsterdam" (2018)

Acı HayatAcı Hayat

Acı Hayat follows the story of Mehmet and Nermin, who are deeply in love but struggling to make ends meet in Istanbul's suburbs. Their dreams of getting married and having a nice home are shattered when Nermin makes a mistake and marries a playboy, leaving behind her true love and starting a new life in richness.


Gülperi moves into her father-in-law's mansion with her three children after her husband dies. She is sentenced to prison after defending herself against her husband's brother. After serving her sentence, Gülperi tries to regain custody of her children with the help of her lawyer and first love.

Asla VazgeçmemAsla Vazgeçmem
Show TV, 2015 | Drama, Romance
Rating: 5/5

When a simple woman from countryside goes to Istanbul to pursue her dreams, what she finds is what she least expected ... could it be love?

Güzel GünlerGüzel Günler

Selma comes to Istanbul from van to get the inheritance left to her when she thinks that all means are exhausted. With her is her father's scrap car, with her well-to-do sister Leylim. The only condition to receive the inheritance is to find the other partner of the inheritance, his old love Mihran. Mihran, who was born on the same day as her, who was prophesied to love each other with great love on the day they were born, and who migrated to Istanbul after the fire in which Selma was declared the scapegoat. Selma finds Mihran in Istanbul. Thus, not only Selma and Mihran, but also Mihran's barista cousin Atakan, Atakan's platonic love boxer Altan, Mihran's big and cheerful family; The lives of his aunt Menemeci Kıymet, his cousin Füsun, his mother Saliha, Kıymet's arm and hand Feyyaz and his arch-rival Hakim's life also change.


Tahir Kemal is the experienced, legendary chief of the murder table. After serving in Urfa for many years, he can not stand the despair of her 8 year-old daughter and his divorced wife. Ferit Caglayan is a young and honest commissioner who is trying to prove himself on the murder scene. He's very handsome and a little flimsy. He has been with Melike, her schoolmate since her school years. Chief Commander Tahir removes Ferit from duty. When Ferit is removed from his favorite profession by the man he sees as his idol, a chaos that nobody wants starts to slip.

Şeref SözüŞeref Sözü
Show TV, 2020 | Drama, Romance
Rating: 5/5

A childhood dream carried over from the past to the present, of difficult lives in difficult geographies, of those who destroyed themselves and their surroundings while protecting their roots. The love for children, a story of impossible loves, of those who were saved from the brink of death; the story of Ada Masalı and of being honorable.

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