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Darisi BasimizaDarisi Basimiza
Show TV, 2018 | Comedy, Romance
Rating: 5/5

A colorful love story that begins with a misunderstanding of a handsome genius that she has encountered with a young woman who is deceived by the man she made marriage plans with.

Benim Için ÜzülmeBenim Için Üzülme
Show TV, 2012 | Drama

A storm brings Yilmaz and Sinan together, leading to Sinan being put in charge of Yilmaz's company. But when Sinan falls for Yilmaz's wife, tensions rise. As both brothers fall for the same girl, the feud between their families intensifies. Will love conquer all or will it lead to their downfall?


Doktorlar is a Turkish hospital drama inspired by Grey's Anatomy. The show focuses on the personal and professional lives of doctors. Viewers follow the romantic relationships, medical cases, and ethical dilemmas faced by the doctors. The show has gained a large following in Turkey since its premiere in 2006.

Içimizden BiriIçimizden Biri

The extraordinary love of Adam, the son of an Irish Christian family, and Havva, the daughter of a Muslim and Turkish family.

Meleklerin AşkıMeleklerin Aşkı

A love Story between a man who has a crush on a girl but can't seem to tell her.

Klavye DelikanlılarıKlavye Delikanlıları
Show TV, 2017 | Comedy

Bayram and Kerem are two close friends who became asocial as they could not have had much dialogue with people since their early ages and spend all their time on the computer. They used computers to express what they could not say to the hundreds and make money on it. Cousin Volki, Bayram's cousin, has returned from America.

Adını Feriha KoydumAdını Feriha Koydum

Feriha lies about her social status to secure a scholarship to an elite university. She falls for a wealthy playboy and gets caught in her own deceit. Feriha's poor upbringing clashes with her new life of luxury, and her lies threaten to unravel everything. The series explores the consequences of deception.

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