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BR, 2017 | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 4/5

Alfons Zischl, mayor of Hindafing, tries to give his community a new image by building a mall for organic food. Soon enough the whole village is taking part in his corrupt games, entangling Zischl in growing debt and dubious obligations.

Meister Eder und sein PumucklMeister Eder und sein Pumuckl
BR, 1982 | Comedy, Family, Adventure, Children
Rating: 5/5

Pumuki is an invisible goblin to everyone, except for Mr. Eder, a carpenter with whom he lives, causing a thousand and one tricks.

Servus BabyServus Baby

"Servus Baby" shows a modern gender struggle, emotional chaos and partner search in Munich. In episode 1 "Hell", Lou is dumped by her boyfriend. She has to realign her life in her early 30s.

Die HausmeisterinDie Hausmeisterin

The small and large ups and downs in the life of a gripping woman with heart, brain, humor and reason, all around the microcosm of an apartment building with its residents, in the middle of the cozy Altmünchner district of Haidhausen strong shot of Bavarian-Munich lifestyle.

Monaco FranzeMonaco Franze
BR, 1983 | Comedy, Drama, Crime

Franz Muenchinger, called "Monaco", is married to Annete von Soettingen. But he can't take his eyes of young girls and as a police officer he often goes out for "Fahndung". Always at his side is Manni Kopfeck, also policeman and always hoping that one of the girls Franz gets will be left for him.

Der MillionenbauerDer Millionenbauer

Josef Hartinger is a farmer in the Munich area. When he heard rumors that a motorway was planned that would run right through his fields, he saw his opportunity: By selling meadows and skilfully negotiating, he wanted to finally become debt-free and no longer have to struggle. That's fine with his second wife Rosa and the children Monika and Martin, who have nothing to do with the farm. The eldest son and farm heir Andreas is against the sale. Aunt Theres also interferes.