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De 12 van SchouwendamDe 12 van Schouwendam

De 12 van schouwendam is a new season of de 12 van oldenheim. Its a whole new story. Its about a boy and a girl who are missing for 25 years and one day theres a strange man in town...

Random ShitRandom Shit
Videoland, 2019 | Comedy | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

From the creators of New Kids (Steffen&Flip) comes this new sketch show, starring Henry van Loon.

Zwarte TulpZwarte Tulp
Videoland, 2015 | Drama

Black Tulip evolves about the developments between two families from the "bollenstreek" in The Netherlands, which have become hereditary enemies because of a mysterious accident in the past. Their many years ongoing feud is strengthened and kept up to date by the race to the black tulip. Step by step, the mystery is unravelled. Nothing is what it seems, but surely important decisions are to be taken about life and death, love and hate, release and hold, harmony and chaos.

Soof: Een Nieuw BeginSoof: Een Nieuw Begin
Videoland, 2017 | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: 3/5

Kasper and Soof are separated. When Kasper's own 'mancave' is declared uninhabitable, he temporarily moves into the attic of Soof and the children. At first this seems pretty pleasant. Not only for the children, but also Soof sees advantages in another man in the house. That way she also has more time to focus on her restaurant. Of course, it soon becomes apparent that this situation of 'living divorced together' still leads to a lot of hassle and misunderstandings. Especially when new loves come into play ...

Lieve MamaLieve Mama

Helen lives a decent, uncomplicated life. Satisfied in her career, she's raising three happy teenagers, and her family has the most envied house on the street. Admittedly, she's growing just a little disenchanted with her marriage to her workaholic husband, Werner. But that's nothing she can't fix. Then one day Helen comes home to something completely unexpected that threatens to shatter her carefully cultivated world. For disaffected, young petty criminals Ralf and Brian, it was a scheme to make some cash: a quick home invasion. The targets they've chosen are Helen and Werner. With Ralf as lookout, Brian disappears into Helen and Werner's house. But he never comes out. And Helen's nightmare is just beginning. She can't possibly imagine how much worse it can get or just how far she'll need to go to protect her family.

Bureau ArnhemBureau Arnhem

After Amsterdam, Eindhoven and The Hague, Ewout Genemans will join the police officers in Arnhem this season. Genemans closely follows twelve agents for eighty days. In addition to nerve-racking chases and intense situations at home, there are also funny, emotional and terrifying moments.

De BacheloretteDe Bachelorette

Actress and influencer Gaby Blaaser is ready to give up on her tumultuous love life and settle down with the one. She and 18 single men travel from The Netherlands to South Africa, where the men will compete against each other to win her heart.

Barrie Barista and the End of TimesBarrie Barista and the End of Times
Videoland, 2020 | Comedy
Rating: 3.7/5

Barrie Barista (Henry van Loon) is convinced that a good cup of coffee can improve every situation. While the world is on fire, Barrie will do anything to keep his coffeeshop afloat. Barrie's customers however have other priorities causing his good intentions and optimism to fail miserably...

Baantjer The BeginningBaantjer The Beginning
Videoland, 2019 | Crime

It is the time of major social changes, squatter riots and demonstrations. The idealistic young detective Jurre de Cock is just starting at station Warmoesstraat. His partner, the purebred Amsterdammer Tonnie Montijn, shows him around the city. But then the duo comes across a criminal conspiracy, which appears to be part of a bigger plan. De Cock is also assigned a new partner: Andy Ruiter, transferred from the Bijlmer.

Videoland, 2022 | Comedy

The return of the famous Dutch improvisation show with The Artists Formerly Known As The Lamas. Join the comedians Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Thijl Beckand, Ruben van de Meer and Ruben Nicolai together with their presentor Patrick Loudiers every week for a fun evening.

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