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Dagboek van een herdershondDagboek van een herdershond
NPO 2, 1978 | Drama

n this period drama series, the young, unexperienced Catholic priest Erik Odekerke -who keeps a diary, and is once described as a (pastoral) 'sheperd dog', hence the Dutch title- gets his first assignment, as kapelaan -literally 'chaplain', but in Dutch still in assistant to the parish's curate- in a mining town in Dutch Limburg. Despite all his efforts, good intentions and advice from a few friends, notably experienced colleague-kapelaan Paulus Lumens and later protestant mine engineer Johannes de Hertog, he has a hard time learning to fit in the social life of the various classes, from farmhands and miners to the baron. His celibacy is even tempted by a girl.

2 voor 122 voor 12

2 voor 12 is a gameshow where two teams of two members will each be asked twelve questions. The topics could be about everything and giving a correct answer will give you keys to unlock a word of 12 letters. 2 voor 12 has been on Dutch television since 1971.

Toms SchotlandToms Schotland

Third travel series in which television presenter Tom Egbers travels around Scotland, after his first series about England and sequel series about Ireland.

Toms EngelandToms Engeland

Television presenter Tom Egbers travels around England, the country where his mother was born. He used to spend every summer vacation there and still loves it dearly. Like many people, he was surprised by Brexit. In this documentary series he tries to find out what changed in England compared to the days of his youth, and if he can still recognize the country as it is today.

De Braboneger Basht!De Braboneger Basht!

Studio program with the Braboneger.

De slag om TexasDe slag om Texas

In this four-part documentary series, reporter Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal travels around the American state of Texas to take a look at the current state and near future of the United States. Each episode centers around a different subject: Beto O'Rourke, immigration, the oil industry, and climate change.

Podium WittemanPodium Witteman
NPO 2, 2015 | Music, Reality

Music program with presenter Paul Witteman, house pianist Mike Boddé and classical music expert Floris Kortie that offers a platform to ensembles and soloists and their special stories.

Andere TijdenAndere Tijden

Andere Tijden (English: Other Times) is a history programme on Dutch television of the NTR and VPRO. There is also a version of the programme called Andere Tijden Sport which shows programmes about sports history.

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