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Pageant PlacePageant Place
MTV, 2007 | Reality

Donald Trump's latest television offering takes you inside the home of beauty queens. Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA are housemates, and MTV and Donald Trump are bringing you all the action from inside the walls.

Time's UpTime's Up

The show focuses on the phenomenon of "expiration dating", where couples must re-evaluate their current relationships as they enter new phases of their lives that will eventually separate them. The scenarios vary from attending different colleges, semesters abroad, job relocations, military deployments and more. Each episode will follow a couple as they cope with the pressure of their expiration date and document their lives in the weeks leading up to the dreaded departure. When their time is finally up and the couples must say goodbye, they are faced with the decision of staying together to beat the odds as a long-distance couple, or go their separate ways.

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