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Aeon Flux (2019)Aeon Flux (2019)

Based on the eponymous animation series, Aeon Flux is a live-action reboot. Set in a future dystopian state it revolves around a young assassin who teams with a group of biohacking rebels to save humanity as she becomes the hero known as Aeon Flux.

I Just Want My Pants BackI Just Want My Pants Back

Jason Strider and his friends grapple with dating, sex, and surviving as adults. They care more about hanging with each other, going to bars and hooking up than their entry level jobs, but when a one night stand steals Jason's heart and his pants, he begins a quest to get his beloved jeans back - and hopefully the girl - while growing up along the way.

Revenge PrankRevenge Prank
MTV, 2020 | Comedy, Reality
Rating: 1/5

DJ Pauly D and Vinny pair up with the target of a viral internet prank to unleash the most over-the-top pranks for some sweet revenge.

The CityThe City
MTV, 2008 | Family, Reality
Rating: 2.5/5

In this MTV spin-off of "The Hills", Whitney Port is saying goodbye to Los Angeles and following her heart to Manhattan where both her dream job - and her dream man - awaits.

Pimp My RidePimp My Ride
MTV, 2004 | Automobiles, Reality
Rating: 2.5/5

Xzibit and the good people at West Coast Customs make people's cars go from dirt to pimped in this 30 minute series. A pimped out car is usually worth $20,000 to $30,000.

MTV Movie AwardsMTV Movie Awards
MTV, 1992 | Award Show
Rating: 1/5

The MTV Movie Awards is a film awards show presented annually on MTV (Music Television). It also contains movie parodies that used official movie footage with hosts and other celebrities and music performances.

Teen Mom: Young Moms ClubTeen Mom: Young Moms Club
MTV, 2019 | Reality

The Teen Mom family is about to make history: Young Moms Club is the only Teen Mom show that will follow an existing group of friends who all live in the same place (California here we come!). The SoCal women are "growing up together" in San Diego and have quite the history - and viewers will watch them lean on each other to make it through the ups and downs of being young moms.

MTV CribsMTV Cribs
MTV, 2000 | Music, Reality

Welcome to MTV Cribs, the most exciting way to peep into your favorite celebrities' homes without getting slapped with a restraining order. This show lets gives you exclusive and in-depth access into the comfy dwellings of your favorites celebrities.

Spider-Man (2003)Spider-Man (2003)
MTV, 2003 | Drama, Action, Adventure, Crime
Rating: 4/5

Spider-Man, the animated series, continues where the successful live action feature film of the same name left off. The series follows the adventures of superhero Peter Parker and his friends, Harry Osborne and Mary Jane Watson, during their first year of college at Empire State University.

Aeon FluxAeon Flux
MTV, 1991 | Action, Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Rating: 5/5

Aeon Flux is a secret agent from the land of Monica. She is mysterious and sly, and her past is a secret known to only herself. Aeon serves justice against criminals.

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