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Expeditie RobinsonExpeditie Robinson
RTL 5, 2000 Running | Adventure, Reality, Game Show

Expeditie Robinson is a Dutch reality TV show, based on a format developed in the UK. Sixteen contestants compete in physical challenges and are eliminated by secret ballot. The show's name alludes to Robinson Crusoe and features a Flemish co-host. The first season without Belgian contestants aired in 2013.

Love Island NetherlandsLove Island Netherlands
RTL 5, 2019 On Haitus | Romance, Reality | ► Trailer

The Dutch/Belgian version of Love Island will see a stunning cast engage in the ultimate game of love, as they land in a sunshine paradise in search of passion and romance. Each of the glamorous contestants will live like celebrities in a luxury villa, but in order to stay there they will not only have to win over the hearts of each other, but also the hearts of the viewers. Can true love win out on Love Island or is it all a game? Hosted by Viktor Verhulst and Holly Mae Brood.

De Slechtste Chauffeur Van NederlandDe Slechtste Chauffeur Van Nederland
RTL 5, 2014 Running | Reality

'The Worst Driver in the Netherlands' is a TV show in which eight terrible drivers compete for the title of being the worst driver. The candidates' driving skills and traffic insight are being put to the test, while simultaneously creating awareness of the dangers that present themselves on the road for both the audience and the candidates themselves.

Kees van der Spek: Oplichters aangepakt (NL)Kees van der Spek: Oplichters aangepakt (NL)
RTL 5, 2019 Running | Crime, Reality, Documentary

Kees van der Spek: Oplichters aangepakt is a thrilling TV series that follows Kees van der Spek as he takes on scammers in The Netherlands and abroad. With his sharp investigative skills, Kees uncovers the tricks and schemes of these scammers, and exposes them to the public. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they witness Kees' daring confrontations with these fraudsters.

Holland's Next Top ModelHolland's Next Top Model
RTL 5, 2006 Running | Reality

Holland's Next Top Model is a Dutch reality show based on America's Next Top Model. It features Daphne Deckers as the presenter. The show follows aspiring models as they compete in challenges and photoshoots to become the next top model. The winner receives a modeling contract and other prizes.

Kees van der Spek: OntmaskertKees van der Spek: Ontmaskert
RTL 5, 2019 Running | Crime, Reality, Documentary, News

Programma waarin Kees van der Spek met de verborgen camera de wijde wereld intrekt en oplichters, fraudeurs, afpersers en andere criminelen ontmaskert. Niet alleen in het buitenland, maar ook op eigen bodem doet Van der Spek spraakmakende onthullingen. Dat leidt soms tot pittige confrontaties met de oplichters.

Foute Vrienden (NL)Foute Vrienden (NL)
RTL 5, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Foute Vrienden is a comedy where 4 friends prank each other.

RTL 5, 2021 Running | Reality, Documentary

Every week, the presenter dives into various current themes and goes on a report. For example, Genemans travels to Turkey, where buttock augmentation operations are popular, and he goes on a report in a juvenile detention center. "Every week I dive into a world that is unknown to many people, but is also important to show. For example, I discover that the buttock augmentation in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular among young girls and that it can be risky," says Genemans about his new job.

De vuilste jobs van NederlandDe vuilste jobs van Nederland
RTL 5, 2022 Running | Reality

The dirtiest jobs in the Netherlands follows all kinds of cleaners during their work. House clearers, sewer cleaners, pest controllers and forensic cleaners, among others, face various challenges. They have to get the most filthy locations clean again. For example, you can see how you get a corpse smell from a home and how pests that cause nuisance are dealt with.

Barbie's BruiloftBarbie's Bruiloft
RTL 5, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Reality

Barbie from Oh Oh Cherso is getting married.

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