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Stop! PolitieStop! Politie
RTL 7, 2012 | Crime, Reality

Police show in the vane of COPS.

Koning VoetbalKoning Voetbal
RTL 7, 2013 | Game Show

Monday the 18th of November Jack Spijkerman, Johnny de Mol and Viggo Waas will start the soccer knowledge quiz Koning Voetbal. All assignments, facts and questions will have something to do with the 'most important side issue in life: soccer. The goal is to find out who is most knowledgeable about soccer or who scores with a good remark. The line-up is as follows: Jack is the host and Johnny and Viggo are both team captains. They will battle each other, every week helped by a well-known (ex) professional soccer player and a BN'er with an above average love for soccer. At the beginning a coin flip will determine which pair will battle with which team captain.

Voetbal InsideVoetbal Inside

Voetbal International continues as Voetbal Inside. Football takshow with host Wilfred Genee, René van der Gijp, Johan Derksen and guests. In this talkshow games, strategies and players are discussed without playing nice.