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NPO 3, 2010 | Drama, Crime, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

The series takes place in the world of Dutch penoze and tells the story of Carmen Walraven. When her husband, a notorious drug lord, is liquidated in front of the eyes of their youngest son, Carmen takes a drastic decision ... Penoza presents a penetrating look at the Dutch underworld in which choices about family, loyalty and money are made on the razor's edge.

De LuizenmoederDe Luizenmoeder
NPO 3, 2018 | Comedy, Drama, Action, Soaps
Rating: 5/5

After a divorce Hannah (Jennifer Hoffman) is desided to get her life back on track. She is the new mother of a dochter that sits in 3th class of the school the Klimop.

Project OrpheusProject Orpheus

A group of five top medicine students is admitted to a prestigious program. They'll be working for a renowned professor who turns out to have a secret agenda. The students soon discover a extremely dangerous experiment called Project Orpheus.

Sunday with LubachSunday with Lubach
NPO 3, 2014 | Comedy, Talk Shows, News
Rating: 3.4/5

Sunday with Lubach is a Dutch satirical TV show that remixes the news of the week in 30 minutes. Arjan Lubach presents irrelevant stories with relevant guests or vice versa. The show offers a humorous take on current events, covering politics, social issues, and pop culture. It provides a unique perspective on the news and has gained a loyal following in the Netherlands.

NPO 3, 2014 | Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller
Rating: 5/5

Theo Kamp (Jeroen van Koningsbrugge) is the best, but also most dashing homicide detective Tilburg. When he steps out of line for the umpteenth time in the search for top criminal Freddy van Nuenen, he is taken off the case and as punishment, transfered over to the hemp team. Here he is aspected to lay low under the supervision of his new partner William Niessen (Dennis van de Ven), the most correct detective of the corps. Theo is not going to give up his investigation. Will he manage, with the disadvantage of having William as his watchdog, to still catch Freddy van Nuenen and also get his old job back?

Skam (NL)Skam (NL)

Skam (NL) is a Dutch adaptation of the Norwegian TV series Skam. It follows the lives of a group of teenagers in high school in Utrecht, Netherlands. The show explores the daily struggles of the teenagers as they navigate through high school, relationships, and other issues. The show has gained popularity for its realistic portrayal of the lives of teenagers.

Het Gouden UurHet Gouden Uur
NPO 3, 2022 | Drama, Crime, Thriller, Suspense
Rating: 5/5

Mardik, a driven detective of Afghan origin, is distrusted by an AIVD employee after she discovers something about his past. One evening, Mardik receives a disturbing text message revealing that his childhood friend Faysal has come to the Netherlands.

Hunted: Into The WildHunted: Into The Wild

In the raw nature, somewhere in Europe, twelve Dutchmen flee. Chased by professional hunters, they try to stay off the radar for 10 days in Hunted into the wild. At the mercy of the wilderness and all the challenges that come with it, they are completely on their own. If no one can help you, where else can you go?

Keuringsdienst van WaardeKeuringsdienst van Waarde
NPO 3, 2003 | Cooking/Food, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

"De Keuringsdienst van Waarde" is a consumer television program. The program tries to give insight in the production of food and other consumer products and tries to show where things go wrong or are different from what you might expect. By asking simple questions to aid lines of producers, as naive but persisting consumer, they get sometimes hilarious and/or revealing answers.

NPO 3, 2018 | Drama

Zuidas follows the lives of lawyers at Amsterdam's financial district where scandals, clients, and office parties are common. Sabia aims for a place at VDSGM. Sabia faces the founding partners and a power struggle at VDSGM in Zuidas. The series showcases the high-pressure world of law firms.

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