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NOS Studio Sport Eredivisie
NPO 3,


| Sports

Dutch soccer program.

De Braboneger Verkaast
NPO 3,


| Comedy

Steven Brunswijk, alias De Braboneger and known from YouTube, dives in typical white customs and habits. With his two matties he does those things that a Surinamese would never do.

A'dam - E.V.A
NPO 3,


| Drama

In A'dam - E.V.A. (International title: Amsterdam Paradise) we're witnessing the development of the relationship between Adam and Eva and see how it's continually influenced and affected by dozens of other stories set in the city. Amsterdam Paradise is a shimmering mosaic narrative of the city, life and love.

NPO 3,


| Comedy

Comedy series following the patients of a mental hospital.

Dennis vs Valerio

The winner is the one who can get the other to laugh the most.
NPO 3,


| Game Show

A game of spelling words

NPO 3,


| Crime, Reality, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

PowLitie shows how you can capture thieves with the use of modern technology.

Spuiten en Slikken

A group of young reporters look for interesting stories while exploring the worlds of sex, drugs, criminals and parties.

Je Zal Het Maar Hebben

Presenter Valerio Zeno, a jolly picture of health and attractive youth, attempts to experience the fate of young? Dutch people affected by various medical conditions. In each episode about two sufferers get to show and explain what each condition entails and how it alters their lives.

Try Before You Die
NPO 3,


| Comedy

A show in which BNN presenters have to do all kinds of stuff you should have done at least once in your lifetime. They Fly all across the world to do the most exciting, funny, scary stunts.

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