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Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik GroenHet geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen
NPO 1, 2017 | Drama

He might be old, but Hendrik Groen is far from dead. Together with some other residents of the nursing home, he starts the rebel-club Omanido: (free translated, old but not dead). Cause, why would life only just consist of drinking coffee behind the window, and wait until it all ends?

Even tot HierEven tot Hier

Niels van der Laan and Jeroen Woe, known from hit show 'De Kwis', are back on TV every Saturday night, March 16 with a new satirical program Even tot hier. Together with the Miguel Wiels Band, an ensemble of 7 singing actors, an expert and a musical greatness, all of this week's news will soon be reviewed. They literally try to make a performance of the week.


A dutch tv series that is about an exiled knigth and his Indian friend. Together they try to get his birth right papers back from an evil lord. During their quest they get help from a noble man who offers them a place in his castle.

De Wereld Draait DoorDe Wereld Draait Door
NPO 1, 2005 | Talk Shows

De Wereld Draait Door is a Dutch television program produced by the VARA and broadcast on Nederland 1. The show is created by Ewart van der Horst and the host is Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. The program centers on a talk show chat format; the chat takes place at a large table and includes Van Nieuwkerk, a guest co-host that changes daily, and invitees such as politicians, celebrities, artists, or simply people involved in projects or organizations that are topics of interest. The show contains a mixture of news, information, television bloopers and general entertainment. Frequent guests and panelists are Jan Mulder, Yvon Jaspers, Halina Reijn, Giel Beelen, Mathijs Bouman, and Marc-Marie Huijbregts. Every day there's a live performance of a band in the studio. The television program is closed daily with Lucky TV, a small movie clip that features a parody of news with changed voice-over text added to the video shots.

Dokter DeenDokter Deen
NPO 1, 2012 | Drama

Dutch (NL) Drama Series. With Monique van de Ven as Doctor Deen takes place on the wadden island of Vlieland. House doctor Maria Deen, who in addition to her work as a doctor, much more means for the inhabitants of the island. Life on the island is a unique world, completely different than life on the Mainland. Maria Deen is the rock in the surf for the islanders. In addition to all-round arts she acts also as a social worker, psychologist and sometimes even if vet and dentist for this small community. She often comes to difficult choices and should regularly do everything they can to dave human livess. In addition to doctor we see Maria Deen also as a mother three children and as beloved. Unforunately the diva of the island also keeping an eye on her beloved. Native Deen, the adoptive mother of Maria also forms an integral part of the series. Her novice dementia ensures both dramatic and comedic situations. A series in which especially the human and recognizable stories about life and death play an important role.

Kinderen geen bezwaarKinderen geen bezwaar
NPO 1, 2004 | Comedy

Kinderen geen bezwaar is a Dutch comedy series which takes place in ' normal' Dutch family. The series mainly revolves about what happens in the family. Seven years ago Gerard and Maud learned to know each other by means of a contact advertisement. Gerard is approximately 12 years older than Maud. They got married not long after they met. He cooks, brushes and does the laundry, in fact everything in house and Maud works as psychotherapist with practice at their home. Maud has a daughter Julia from her first marriage. Julia is adored Gerard's son Daan, from his 'previous' life. Daan always tries everything to get Julia, but he succeeds seldom.

Van Onschatbare WaardeVan Onschatbare Waarde
NPO 1, 2017 | Reality, Game Show
Rating: 4/5

This NPO 1 show is about people selling high priced items.

Nederland van BovenNederland van Boven

Netherlands from Above offers in 10 episodes a surprising look at the Netherlands. Netherlands from Above is a homage to the make-able Netherlands. Through data visualizations, impressive aerial images and portraits of heroes on the ground, we see who we are and how our mentality has shaped our country. Who looks at the teeming anthill like the Netherlands, wonders why our country isn't totally stuck every day in an incredible chaos. But who looks from above to see our country looks quite different: a precision timepiece. "Netherlands from Above" looks from a bird's perspective using helicopters, para gliders, balloons and kites to the rhythms and patterns of the Netherlands.

NPO 1, 1996 | Comedy

Jiskefet is a humorous, absurdist series broadcast by the VPRO.

Ellie op PatrouilleEllie op Patrouille

This NPO 1 show follows Ellie as she follows some of the hardest police corpses of the world.

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