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La Famiglia
NPO 1,


| Drama

A family of Italian immigrants in The Netherlands has to balance their legitimate business - the family restaurant - with shady underground affairs.

Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen
NPO 1,


| Drama

He might be old, but Hendrik Groen is far from dead. Together with some other residents of the nursing home, he starts the rebel-club Omanido: (free translated, old but not dead). Cause, why would life only just consist of drinking coffee behind the window, and wait until it all ends?


Mindf*ck does away with the classic image of magic glitter curtains and sawn assistants. The viewer gets an insight into underlying psychological principles such as non-verbal communication, deception and influencing the subconscious. Are we in control of our own choices and can we really trust our perception?

De Verenigde Staten van Eva

A documentary travel show in which Eva Jinek returns to the country she grew up in, the United States, to search for the American identity. The question she seeks to answer is: what makes a true American?

De Fabriek
NPO 1,


| Drama

This Dutch drama series is called after an agro-industrial factory, the main employer in a rural part of the Netherlands, and the interlocking private and professional lives of people and families involved in it: workers, supplying farmers under contract, the owners and the ambitious new CEO.

NPO 1,


| Comedy

A popular Dutch sketch series created by Owen Schumacher and Paul Groot. The sketches on the show are taking a look at the past week.

NPO 1,


| Variety

Consumer program with up-to-date reports, tests and individual problems.


Spoorloos is a television program of the KRO-NCRV in which the tracking of blood relatives is central. Sometimes family members have lost sight of each other, or they have never even seen each other at all.

Studio Sport
NPO 1,


| Sports

A Dutch sport show.


This show is committed to better the treatment of consumers by companies and government, and looks critically at the service provided to the consumer.

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