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Ushi en Van DijkUshi en Van Dijk
NPO 1, 1999 | Comedy

Prank show starring Wendy van Dijk.


Documentary travel series about Japan, hosted by Paulien Cornelisse. Each episode covers a different subject: Japanese nature, gender roles, conformity, transcience of life, solitude, societal harmony, senescence, and societal pretense.

NPO 1, 2014 | Talk Shows

Join host Jeroen Pauw for this Dutch talk show series.

NPO 1, 2011 | Comedy, Drama

The show is about a choir of different people who come together once a week to sing and forget about their troubles in their daily life.


Mindf*ck does away with the classic image of magic glitter curtains and sawn assistants. The viewer gets an insight into underlying psychological principles such as non-verbal communication, deception and influencing the subconscious. Are we in control of our own choices and can we really trust our perception?

La FamigliaLa Famiglia
NPO 1, 2016 | Drama

A family of Italian immigrants in The Netherlands has to balance their legitimate business - the family restaurant - with shady underground affairs.

NPO 1, 2015 | Drama, Sports

A drama starring with Thekla Reuten.


Spoorloos is a television program of the KRO-NCRV in which the tracking of blood relatives is central. Sometimes family members have lost sight of each other, or they have never even seen each other at all.

DWDD UniversityDWDD University

Dutch television program; various scientists explain stuff, the scientist that has been on the show the most is Robert Dijkgraaf. Host is Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.

NPO 1, 2011 | Variety

A Dutch TV show. Astrid Joosten is host. They tried to solve various problems of the people in a funny way.

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