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Tussen Kunst en Kitsch
NPO 1,


| Reality

The Dutch version of Antiques Roadshow.

NPO 1,


| Comedy

Jiskefet is a humorous, absurdist series broadcast by the VPRO.

Floortje en de Ambassadeurs

In this documentary series, Floortje Dessing meets and interviews ambassadors who work for the Dutch foreign service and are stationed abroad. She takes a look behind the scenes of their embassies as well as their personal residences, where she also meets their families.

Frans Bauer in China
NPO 1,


| Travel, Reality

Dutch celebrities Frans and Mariska Bauer travel through China and get to know its food, culture, landscape, cities, and people.

NPO 1,


| Variety

A Dutch TV show. Astrid Joosten is host. They tried to solve various problems of the people in a funny way.

Maestro (NL)
NPO 1,


| Reality

Competition with famous Dutch people trying to conduct an orchestra. Eight famous people battle for the title "Maestro" of the year. They accept the challenge to become the conductor of the orchestra "Van het Oosten" in just eight weeks.

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