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Secrets of a Psychopath

In three gripping instalments, Secrets of a Psychopath recounts the facts behind the most complex and surprising murder to come before the courts in Irish criminal history.

The Real Prime Suspect
CBS Reality,


| Documentary
Rating: 1/5

Former DCI Jackie Malton accesses case files, revisiting the investigations with the police, detectives and other professionals who experienced them first hand.

Click for Murder

Crime journalist Donal MacIntyre reveals how deadly the internet can be as he dissects the technological methods behind heinous acts.

Voice of a Serial Killer

Docu-drama bringing to life the nerve-jangling audio confessions of some of the world's most notorious murders and serial killers.

Trace of Evil

Trace of Evil details how technological advancements have revolutionized detective work.

Teens Who Kill

It seems impossible. Young people, with the briefest experience of life, prepared to kill and in some cases, kill their own parents. But it has happened in many countries and in many ways. Are these teens inherently evil, or are they victims of a system that failed them? Featuring key witness testimony, new interviews, archive footage and reconstructions, this series explores such questions through eleven extraordinary cases.

Murderers and Their Mothers

Everyone is someone's child, even a serial killer. This series looks at the complex stories of serial killers' family relationships and on a case by case basis looks into the vital role played by their mothers. Do they in fact turn them into psychopathic murderers? In this unnerving and shocking series each episode explores a different killer's disturbing childhood, their unnatural maternal relationship and the devastating impact of 'Mother'. Presented by Donal MacIntyre, crime journalist and Professor of Criminology in conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Yardley, Director of the Centre for Applied Criminology at Birmingham City University, MacIntyre and Yardley will piece together the biographical, psychological and criminal evidence to build a careful but frightening picture of the killers. 'Murderers and their Mothers' will reveal startling new evidence and opinion about the relationships of each killer and their mother from around the world. This is a rarefied field of criminology and psychology and each unique programme will bring new theories and insights to the table.

Donal MacIntyre's Murder Files

In Donal MacIntyre's Murder Files the renowned undercover reporter and crime journalist examines the most horrific and fascinating crimes. In-depth interviews by Donal with the individuals who were central to solving each case - from the detective on duty to the undercover agent to the forensic scientist - are the spine of each episode. Donal will expertly lead them through their story step by step, uncovering the dramatic twists and turns of each and every case. The stories will be illustrated by dramatic reconstruction of the case and archive, including police tapes and undercover evidence. Through these intimate and probing interviews, Donal will also reveal the emotional side of law enforcement. What goes through the mind of someone working on a case? What are the personal and professional pressures? What does it take to solve a complex case? To chase down a murderer?

Written In Blood

The 10 x 60min series produced by Endemol Shine North for CBS Reality brings fact and fiction together as bestselling thriller writer Simon Toyne, author of The Boy Who Saw and other titles, meets other top UK crime writers to discuss how their works of fiction have been inspired by real life crimes. Each episode delves into a different criminal case using reconstruction, real life footage, interviews with senior police officers who worked on the cases, along with family members, key witnesses, and other experts.