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Café con Aroma de MujerCafé con Aroma de Mujer
RCN, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Soaps, Romance

Every year, Gaviota and her mother arrive at Hacienda Casablanca to pick up the coffee from the second harvest of the year, but they hope that their next visit will be their last, because from now on they will be owners of their own land. However, fate has other plans. Octavio Vallejo, the owner of the hacienda, has just died. Gaviota previously had saved him from a kidnapping. Octavio promised as a reward to give her one hectare of land so that she could grow her own coffee. Trying to get the Vallejo family to honor the agreement, Gaviota meets Sebastián, Octavio's son, and an irrepressible attraction is born between them, a heartbreaking, impossible love, becoming two lovers who belong to different worlds. Then, something good happens to Gaviota that will change her life forever.

A corazón abiertoA corazón abierto
RCN Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Soaps

The Colombian version of "Grey's Anatomy" reflects the drama of a group of young doctors who start their careers and must face countless obstacles, challenges and even their own demands, a reflection of their professional ambitions. María Alejandra Rivas, an aspiring surgeon, has the task of matching or improving the practice of her mother, one of the most prestigious surgeons of her time, who abandoned her career because of Alzheimer's. Some of the colleagues who accompany María Alejandra are: Juan Felipe, Violeta Botero, Rafael, Andrés and Cristina.

Reto 4 Elementos ColombiaReto 4 Elementos Colombia
RCN, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Reality, Game Show

This reality show of extreme survival is composed of 32 contestants, who will fight each other to become 'Master of the 4 Elements' Divided into 8 teams, consisting of two men and two women who will compete to master the 4 elements . Each week, the teams will aim to master a different element. As the reality progresses, the participants will face different challenges.

Lady, La Vendedora de RosasLady, La Vendedora de Rosas
RCN, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Soaps, Biography

Lady Tabares declares herself innocent before she enters the trial that will define her future. From the police car, she regards the street vendors through the window. One of them is a girl selling roses, just like she did ten years ago.

Paradise TravelParadise Travel
RCN, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Soaps

Reina receives a distressing call from her mother, who has decided to go to New York because she wants to die there. Now she will have to go through very difficult situations during the search for her mother and her journey to the United States.

Pa' QuerertePa' Quererte
RCN, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Soaps, Romance

4 friends of different ages who are soccer fans and have a small team. In addition to this, the 4 are non-conventional parents who will have to assume their role as parents.