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Time for Bed with Punam PatelTime for Bed with Punam Patel

Actress and comedian Punam Patel stars in the new series Time for Bed with Punam Patel, where she hosts creative guests on this hilarious but cozy and intimate talk show. In true bedtime fashion, Punam tucks her guests into bed, chats about their life and current projects, and puts them to sleep with some ridiculous classic fairytales, which are widely accepted as normal in one's youth.


Hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro, contestants deal with hilarious distractions while trying to spell increasingly difficult words in this game show.


Smoakland centers around Oakland native Solo, the visionary of a budding cannabis company, who navigates family expectations, changing friendships, love, and her drive to break through the "grass" ceiling of the oft-closed terrain of the cannabis industry for herself and her community.

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