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World Star TVWorld Star TV
MTV2, 2017 | Comedy

World Star TV incorporates all those qualities in one crazy, unpredictable half hour show. Our host CP holds court in the World Star Studio with a live audience and takes down the funniest clips on World Star with his hilarious group of friends. He'll also sit down with emerging and established stars in the world of hip hop for exclusive World Star interviews. It's a brand new late night experience for the World Star generation.

Where My Dogs At?Where My Dogs At?

MTV 2's animated comedy, Where My Dogs At?, follows two stray dogs, Buddy and Woof, (voiced by Jeffery Ross and Tracy Morgan) as they navigate the mean streets of Hollywood. Look for spoofs of some of Hollywood's A-listers.

Ain't That AmericaAin't That America

As a stand up comic I have traveled to every corner of this beautiful country. In my journeys I've found one universal truth: Some idiot will do something stupid and some other moron will record it. And thanks to Al Gore all that crazy stuff gets uploaded to the Internet. I'm gonna sift through all that "crazy" and bring you the best online clips from all over the country.

MTV2's Joking OffMTV2's Joking Off

Hosted by stand-up comedian and actor DeRay Davis, MTV2's Joking Off is where social media meets improv comedy. Featuring teams of rising young comedians, the hilarious, fast-paced, half-hour comedic game show celebrates the best of social media and the Internet, delivering laugh out loud reactions to the most ridiculous tweets, Instagram images, videos, and write-ups ever posted. The teams must avoid getting joked off before one comedian reigns supreme.


Subterranean is a weekly music video show.

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