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The FactoryThe Factory
Paramount, 2008 | Comedy

This Spike TV comedy offering features actors who improvise off an outline in the tradition of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


MANswers is a Spike TV show that tackles stupid questions with gross humor. The male-directed variety show is like a magazine filled with outrageous subjects. The show is a mix of comedy, trivia, and pop culture. It answers questions that men might be too embarrassed to ask, like 'Can a man die from a broken heart?' or 'Can a bullet be stopped by a book?'.

Pros vs. JoesPros vs. Joes

"Pros Vs. Joes" pits three regular guys - the "Joes" - against each other for the chance to win season tickets to the sports team of their choice. The catch is they must go up against five of the world's top athletes in various challenges.

Invasion IowaInvasion Iowa

Residents of Riverside, Iowa are duped into believing they're hired as crew for a science-fiction/time-travel film starring William Shatner. Invasion Iowa is a parody of Hollywood that's not mean-spirited. The phony movie has a cast and crew of both residents and hired actors.

Paramount, 2020 | Drama, Action
Rating: 5/5

"Submerso" presents Nando Oliveira (Cassio Nascimento), a former world surf champion, bastard son of an aristocrat from a traditional Santa Catarina family. Nando is a well-known figure, an icon and a celebrity in the sport, but, on the other hand, he has always had a unruly life, different from what is imagined as the behavior of a top athlete, getting involved in confusions, fights, always present in the most famous ballads of the country.

Caraoke ShowdownCaraoke Showdown

Caraoke Showdown features Craig Robinson posing as a driver, picking up unsuspecting contestants who are along for a very unique ride upon realizing they are on a karaoke-inspired game show. During various rounds of game play, contestants must belt out their favorite tunes, finish the lyrics or act out songs for cash. Celebrity guest appearances add to the surprise as the contestants never know what's going to happen next.

Paramount, 2007 | Sports, Reality
Rating: 5/5

Bullrun is the fastest, meanest balls-to-the-wall road rally in the world. There are a bunch of cars and they are given checkpoints to stop at, and each episode - someone is eliminated!

18 Wheels of Justice18 Wheels of Justice

Justice Department undercover agent Michael Cates's (Lucky Vanous) family was killed after he testified against crime boss Jacob Calder (G. Gordon Liddy). Now Cates is working out of an 18 Wheeler under another undercover identity, that of Chance Bowman. As Cates wanders America listening to country music and helping people he is also dodging hit-men and still trying to take down Calder.

Sweat Inc.Sweat Inc.

Twelve aspiring fitness entrepreneurs compete to prove they've developed the newest groundbreaking exercise programs while Jillian Michaels decides which is best suited to be the new phenomenon.

Big Easy JusticeBig Easy Justice

Big Easy Justice is a reality TV show about Tat-2, a bounty hunter in New Orleans. He tracks down criminals who are difficult to find. The show features Tat-2 and his team as they use their skills and experience to capture fugitives and bring them to justice. Viewers get an inside look at the process of locating and apprehending criminals in the Big Easy.

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