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Thom Beers, the producer of The Deadliest Catch, unveils his newest project about Mike Crowder and Tom Roberts, co-owners of Cobalt Mine in Westchester, W.Va. and their mining team. The Cobalt mine starts to work in what is considered the most dangerous part of the mountain. The day shift, short crew members, looks to continue production at a high rate.

The FactoryThe Factory
Paramount, 2008 | Comedy

This Spike TV comedy offering features actors who improvise off an outline in the tradition of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Paramount, 2020 | Drama, Action
Rating: 5/5

"Submerso" presents Nando Oliveira (Cassio Nascimento), a former world surf champion, bastard son of an aristocrat from a traditional Santa Catarina family. Nando is a well-known figure, an icon and a celebrity in the sport, but, on the other hand, he has always had a unruly life, different from what is imagined as the behavior of a top athlete, getting involved in confusions, fights, always present in the most famous ballads of the country.

Paramount, 2007 | Sports, Reality
Rating: 5/5

Bullrun is the fastest, meanest balls-to-the-wall road rally in the world. There are a bunch of cars and they are given checkpoints to stop at, and each episode - someone is eliminated!

Big Easy JusticeBig Easy Justice

Tat-2, a bounty hunter, tracks down hard-to-find criminals in New Orleans.

That Awkward Game ShowThat Awkward Game Show

Teams of parents and their children try to figure out embarrassing facts about each other to win.


Amateur chefs will step up to the plate, literally, to prove their dish is the best new "Frankenfood," a revolutionary creation that mixes outrageous and unexpected ingredients in delicious and unique flavors. From a triple-decker pastrami donut sandwich to fried PB&J fish sticks and Gyro egg rolls to a cheesecake burger, the food creations on this series range from the good, the bad and the truly inedible! Each episode of "Frankenfood" features the best and worst local amateur food innovators competing head-to-head in order to get their unexpected food concoctions onto the menu of a popular local restaurant, win a $10,000 cash grand prize and possibly create the next big food craze.

Gary the RatGary the Rat

Gary "The Rat" Andrews (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) is a defense attorney who awakens one morning to find that he has somehow transformed into a giant bipedal rat. Gary struggles to deal with his transformation and hold on to his high status.

Invasion IowaInvasion Iowa

The show dupes residents of the small-town of Riverside, Iowa citizens into believing they've been hired on as crew for a science-fiction / time-travel film starring William Shatner. What they don't know is that they entire stunt has been planned out for over a year and there's no real movie being filmed in order to parody Hollywood and not be mean-spirited toward Riverside. In the end, everyone was let in on the joke and Riverside receives $100,000. The phony Invasion Iowa movie has cast and crew that are both residents of Riverside and hired actors and actresses.

Atrapa A Un LadrónAtrapa A Un Ladrón

Juan Robles (Pablo Echarri), nicknamed "El Gato" is a thief who has retired from his vandalism activity, however, he will be called to solve the enigma of a mysterious swindler who acts on his behalf, for which Juan will seek to discover the identity of this person posing as him and exonerating himself. At his side will be his wife Lola Garay (Alexandra Jiménez), who is also a detective and has a passionate relationship, but who is unaware of his old life in crime.

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