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EO, 2020 | Drama, Military/War
Rating: 2/5

High Flyers tells the story of Rutger, Guus, and Laila. We follow them during their years of heavy training to become a fighter pilot in the Royal Dutch Air Force, and we're with them when they finally go on a dangerous mission in the Middle East. We stand close to these friends in their eventful journey to adulthood, we share their camaraderie, their grief, their joy, love, and fear, in times of peace and times of war.

Het familiedinerHet familiediner
EO, 2000 | Variety

In the programme, presenter Bert van Leeuwen helps broken families to take the first step to come together. Van Leeuwen goes out to visit both parties separately and let them tell their side of the story. Then there is a search for what actually went wrong and how it might be okay. The big question is whether the family members show up at dinner. With the limousine, guests are picked up for dinner: are they in the limousine and are they willing to take the first step together?

Redders Op ZeeRedders Op Zee
EO, 2022 | Documentary

What is it like to do life-saving work, sometimes at the risk of your own life? The volunteers at the Royal Dutch Rescue Society, or KNRM, sail out at night and brave the biggest storms to help people in need.