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You are My FavoriteYou are My Favorite

Botkawee has forever been in love with Prae Mai. When he learns about her engagement with Piseang; he uses a crystal ball to travel back in time, to set things right with her. Unexpectedly, he wakes up in bed with Piseang instead, who declares that they had a one night stand. Thus, begin their hilarious cat and mouse games, wherein Piseang chases after Botkawee. Although the affections are returned, their old feelings for Prae Mai becomes a detriment to their blossoming romance. Enraged, Botkawee keeps twisting the crystal ball until he gets the desired results. But what if, Botkawee and Prae Mai were never meant to be together? What if, he was destined to be with Piseang instead?

Art Adore EnArt Adore En
GMM One, in development | Drama, Romance

The life of a country boy who went to college in Bangkok, where he spent his time and heart to a senior. When Ray, a brash art major from abroad, met Lloyd, an innocent English major, a tangled web of romantic and hilarious situations forms this coming-of-age story of university experiences. Ray, an art major from abroad with a bad boy handsome look and standoffish personality, found himself rooming with Lloyd, an innocent English major with a sheltered and simple background. The sly fox found himself falling for the wide-eyed angel. And when Lloyd asked him for help with his English lesson, Ray did not hesitate to turn the situation to his advantage.

10 Years Ticket10 Years Ticket
GMM One, 2022 | Drama, Family, Romance | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

Pukao and Kongkwan were childhood friends, as their families were always close. But all of their lives turned into hell ten years ago, when Kongwan's sister murdered Pukao's brother, destroying both of their families and also Pukao and Kongkwan's group of friends. Pukao not only lost his brother but also his father who left him and his mother and Kongkwan's family was labeled as a murderous family while her sister took a heavy jail sentence. Ever since then, Pukao never stopped getting revenge on Kongkwan, despite the fact that she was innocent, blaming her for being the sister of his brother's murderer. By doing so, he divided his friends who could not accept his treatment towards Kongkwan, especially the one who was like a brother to him, who would not accept any mistreatment towards Kongkwan, even from his best friend, even if that means severing their friendship.

Till the World EndsTill the World Ends

"Till The World Ends" is a story of two young men as they find themselves accidentally living together throughout the last 13 days of the world.

Wednesday ClubWednesday Club
GMM One, in development | Drama, Romance

Seven people studying at Bangkok University, who are all middle children, decide to come together and create a place where they will not be left out. They form a club by setting rules for their new "friendship".

Mama GogoMama Gogo

Annie, a former singer from the '90s is passed down from her uncle an agogo bar called Papa Gogo. She decides to renovate it and starts hunting down her agogo boys. The bar eventually becomes well-known as Mama Gogo. However, a local mafia boss Chen and  Annie's frienemy, Tina who opens an agogo bar to compete with hers, always get in her way to success. Gather around and root for Annie! Let's see if the new mama can take control of the agogo kingdom.

The Three GentleBrosThe Three GentleBros

Brought up under the iron-clad hands of their mother, who controls everything from their clothing to their career, will the three brothers Itchaya, Tevis, and Ashira be able to take control of their life when it comes to who they spend the rest of it with?

Thonhon ChonlatheeThonhon Chonlathee
GMM One, 2020 | Romance, Drama
Rating: 5/5

A university student named Chonlatee secretly has a crush on his childhood friend Tonhon since he was a kid. Sadly, Tonhon is confirmed straight several times and is even homophobic.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us

Sasiwimol is an extremely successful director. She has a close, friend-like relationship with her teenage son Wang. What will she do when Wang experiences his first love with Inthawut, her old friend? Love, relationships, understanding, mother and son learning from each other in this era of changeability. A friendship will forever be altered.

Khun ChaiKhun Chai
GMM One, 2022 | Drama, Family, Romance
Rating: 5/5

The Five Dragon Guild is under the leadership of Jao Sua Song. He's skilled and in control in business, but things in the family have become chaotic. By his main wife Li, he has his eldest son Thian. He has a secondary wife Jan with whom he has a son named Yang and he has a mistress named Bua. In a Chinese family, masculinity is prized. Thian is the face of the family, the one who will eventually succeed Song, who will carry the power his father has built. Khun Chai is not a position just anyone is suited to. The love between two men is obstructed by Chinese society.

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