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3 Will Be Free3 Will Be Free

Neo is a stripper who is running away from a loan shark and his gang (Known as Crazy48) for stealing a purse that contains compromising information from the group. One fine day, the criminals find him in the bar where he works. In attempting to escape, he ends up bumping into two people who will change his life: Chin, a gay boy who is the son of a gangster who is frustrated at being rejected by a friend; and Mew, the manager of the stripper bar who is running away from her past. Accidentally, they end up killing one of the gang members who was chasing Neo, which make them enemies of the gang. Now all three need to find a solution to escape from this situation together, while at the same time managing the physical and sentimental attraction that arises between them.

Sleepless Society: InsomniaSleepless Society: Insomnia

Aya is a young female model that has always had a recurring dream: She always dreams of seeing her mother kill someone in a house, which is located on the island she used to live in when she was a child. These dreams cause insomnia, eventually leading up to chronic insomnia to the point that she is confused and begins to separate reality and dreams.


The world of the wealthy isn't as perfect as it seems. It could become real dark in a short time. What happens when one of them starts a game of life, that leads to a murder and exposes those Dark Secrets?

Baker Boys (2021)Baker Boys (2021)

Punn is the handsome owner of a popular bakery and the son of a billionaire. One of the reasons for his success is Weir, nicknamed the 'God of Pastry'. It's due to his skills that women from all over keep visiting his store, even if Weir isn't very interested. Krathing works under Weir as an apprentice and general store employee. Lastly, there is also Pooh; he is Punn's personal bodyguard and works as a waiter, but he's not very good at it. Still, everyone has their secrets. What will the reporter, Monet, uncover when she digs deeper into their mysteries? Why do these children keep disappearing from this shop? Who did it?

The UnderclassThe Underclass
GMM One, 2020 | Drama
Rating: 5/5

After getting dropped from an elite program, a student gets tangled in the affairs of a high school gang while trying to find her own identity.

Eye Contact (2023)Eye Contact (2023)
GMM One, in development | Drama, Romance

Bee arrives at a new high school and, after a somewhat difficult start, he ends up getting closer to one of his classmates. But as he finally considers a relationship beyond friendship with him, he learns that his crush has a girlfriend.

The ShipperThe Shipper

After a fujoshi named Pan has an accident, her soul enters the body of Kim. She takes advantage of this to make her ship sail, while Kim's brother notices a change. The Shipper is a Thai television series about a girl who becomes trapped in a boy's body. The show explores themes of gender identity and sexual orientation.


How many of us remember what our dreams were when we were children? What our hopes and aspirations were? How many of us grew up and realised that all the wonderous, innocent dreams that we had were probably not going to come true. That it was harder to become a superstar or a world-famous soccer player. How many of us spent all of our lives unable to express ourselves and love who we wanted, openly. This drama is about five such high school friends who also had dreams and goals but were unable to complete them. This is a story of second chances,of being able to love whoever you want,of dreams coming true, and of happiness.

Ten CountTen Count
GMM One, in development | Drama, Romance, Anime, Documentary

Corporate secretary Shirotani suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. One day he meets Kurose, a therapist who offers to take him through a ten-step program to cure him of his compulsion. As the two go through each of the ten steps, Shirotani's attraction to his counselor grows.

Bitter Sweet The SeriesBitter Sweet The Series
GMM One, in development | Drama, Romance

Kim is a handsome executive with a discreet personality. He is the definition of Perfectionist. He took up the position of Executive Director of Hotel Villa De Bangkok after his parents passed away. He has been taking care of the entire hotel and his only sister. He has secrets that he can't tell anyone. Ryu is the talented pâtissier of Hotel Villa De Bangkok and specializes in desserts. He is a good looking young man whose always has a bright smile with the belief that sweets give joy to everyone. Paul is the handsome, charming, heir to Hotel Villa De Bangkok partners. He is a playful and flirtatious man. Ladies can't deny his charm. Although forced to be a strong rival with Kim the other heir to the hotel since childhood, Paul has never let it affect their friendship.

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