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Вне себяВне себя
HTB, 2021 On Hiatus | Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Successful financial analyst Dmitry suffers from a rare form of mental disorder - he does not remember several years of his life, but he is haunted by phantoms of people for whose death he indirectly blames himself. Dmitry continues to communicate with ghosts as with real acquaintances, but they prevent him from establishing his personal life, and most importantly, getting custody of his five-year-old son. Dmitry turns to a psychotherapist to deal with his illness, but attempts to unravel the events of past years lead him to old enemies and not the most pleasant memories.

The ТелкиThe Телки
HTB, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Thriller

Roaring twenties of the new century. The era of messengers, electronic cigarettes and universal digitalization. The main character is Andrey Mirkin, a promising head of a PR agency. He owes his success and beautiful life to women. Mirkin can seduce almost anyone, he is charismatic, courteous and cynically uses it. He goes over the heads, not thinking about how many lives he broke on his way. He just doesn't care. The icing on the cake in the hero's career promises to be a multi-million dollar tender. Mirkin's victory in it is guaranteed in advance. But no one knows how much dirt is behind this well-being. And in the coming days, it will overwhelm Mirkin with his head.

The Road to CalvaryThe Road to Calvary
HTB, 1977 Cancelled/Ended | Drama
Rating: 4.5/5

Swept up in political unrest during World War I, two sisters in St. Petersburg cope with turbulent romances as Russian history is made around them.

HTB, 2022 On Hiatus | Drama, Mystery, History

Takes place from April to December 1986. The Ukrainian department of the KGB of the USSR becomes aware of the interest shown by foreign intelligence services in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. To establish the whereabouts of an experienced CIA officer, Albert Lenz, who is suspected of espionage, on the territory of Pripyat, Lieutenant Colonel of military counterintelligence Andrei Nikolaev arrives in the city.

За час до рассветаЗа час до рассвета
HTB, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

1946 Lieutenant Denis Zhuravlev returns to civilian life and gets a job in the police. His boss - Major Shumeiko, nicknamed Satan - is a man with a difficult character, but he achieves the solution of the tasks at any cost. Zhuravlev appears in the team just in time: a gang of a criminal nicknamed Klesh is operating in the city, and in order to catch him, an extraordinary plan is needed, which Zhuravlev undertakes to implement. However, it soon becomes obvious that the war going on in peacetime, when it is not clear who is friend and who is enemy, is even more confusing than the war from which he has just returned.

HTB, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Follow Gennady Mikhasevich between 1971 and 1985 when he killed 36 people, and law enforcement agencies made many mistakes looking for him. As a result, 14 people were convicted for his crimes, one of whom was shot.