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Zee5, 2021 Running | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

When Mr. Kapoor of Sunflower society is found dead, the cops arrive and interrogate the neighbours. In a society full of quirky characters, who must have killed Kapoor and why?

Taj: Divided by BloodTaj: Divided by Blood
Zee5, 2023 Running | Drama, History
Rating: 4/5

In his quest to find a worthy successor for his grand legacy, Emperor Akbar sparks a war among his sons. What follows is a terrifying battle for power, filled with politics, betrayals, and bloodshed.

Zee5, 2019 On Hiatus | Crime, Thriller

Inspired by true events, the crime thriller revolves around Abhay Pratap Singh, a sharp investigating officer with the mind of a criminal, who can go to any extent to solve a case. Join Abhay as he sets out in the dark gruesome world of crime to save innocent lives, while dealing with his own personal demons.

Zee5, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Adventure, Crime, Mystery
Rating: 4/5

A story of Sara, Jugnu, Batool & Zubaida, who come together to form a secret detective agency with the purpose to find & expose unfaithful husbands amongst Karachi's elite, operating under the guise of a fashion store named "Halal Designs".

Zee5, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Crime, Biography

Shiv Prakash Shukla a 25 year age boy from Gorakhpur becomes the deadliest gangster of Uttar Pradesh in 1990s. He works for powerful politicians and involves in organised crimes. The state government felt danger from him and form STF to get him killed in a police encounter by tracking his mobile phone location.

Zee5, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller

Rohan and Sunny are best friends from their childhood days. Sunny goes to attend Rohan's younger brother's weeklong wedding in a scenic country estate in UK. The boys look at this as an opportunity to catch up and let loose - unabashed and fun revelry dotting the weeklong affair. Somewhere else in the dark grimy corners of South Hall London, a violent criminal family of moneylenders is headed by Kuljinder with his two brothers Pali and Jassi. Pali has been planning to quit the family business and start life afresh with Kuljnder's wife Jahaan with whom he has been having an affair. But fate has other plans for him. Both these world collides when Kuljinder comes to attend the wedding in the country side. A past secret connected to Rohan and Kuljinder sparks an incident of violence which then kick starts a chain of violence changing all their lives drastically. Taish is a story of friendship and loss of innocence narrated in the format of intense thriller.

Zee5, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Thriller

Sammit is the ideal family man. What happens when his wife, inspector Ira's investigation into a series of murders leads her to him? Has Sammit been living the perfect life or the perfect lie?

Mukhbir - The Story of a SpyMukhbir - The Story of a Spy
Zee5, 2022 Running | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

After the Sino-India war, a highly trained Indian spy enters Pakistan on a mission to gather crucial intelligence and stop Pakistan from launching an attack against India. Will he succeed?

Jeet Ki ZidJeet Ki Zid
Zee5, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action

Inspired from a true story, Jeet Ki Zid is a tale of conviction, persuasion and commitment. It follows the life of a Special forces officer Major Deep Singh who is left paralyzed waist below after fighting the Kargil war, but his army training and never-give-up attitude help him get back to life and eventually on his feet despite all odds.

Bicchoo Ka KhelBicchoo Ka Khel
Zee5, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

What happens when a young student loses his father to a cover-up? Can he find it in himself to forget the past and move on, or is revenge the only thing that can give him some peace of mind?

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