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Liverpool NarcosLiverpool Narcos

In the 1980s, Liverpool became the epicentre of a drugs boom that was to change Britain forever. With unprecedented access to some of the biggest players, this is the story of how drugs went mainstream and dealing became a multi-billion pound business

Escobar by EscobarEscobar by Escobar

The true story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar through the eyes of his son, Juan Pablo, whose life changed astronomically the day his father died.

The Toys That Built the WorldThe Toys That Built the World

Against the backdrop of major events in American history, like the Civil War and the Great Depression, "The Toys that Built America" shares a different story: one that brings new products and nostalgic toys to the forefront as driving forces behind untold cultural and economic shifts. The four-part docuseries showcases visionaries, such as the Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley and Ruth Handler, who transformed a small toy company into the billion-dollar empire now known as Mattel. The series unveils competitive rivalries between iconic brands that changed the fabric of the nation forever.

Cracking the CodeCracking the Code

How, from bizarre ancient markings to random numbers and letters, codes and ciphers have been used for millennia to send secret messages, hide identities and operate outside the law.

Race to VictoryRace to Victory

The new six-part documentary series reveals how and why the central alliance between Great Britain, the United States and The Soviet Union was formed leading into World War II. The series paints an in-depth picture of the race to ultimate victory and post-war supremacy, concluding with VE day on 8th May 1945.  Race to Victory homes in on the personal battles between wartime leaders Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin, and illuminates the behind-the-scenes battles fought between the men - the war behind the war. The trio manoeuvred and grappled to exert their will over one another, to win the conflict on their terms and impose their competing ideologies on what was left of Europe. This relationship between the three leaders was, despite their allied opposition to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, marked from the beginning by deception, suspicion and mistrust. World War II and its aftermath were shaped away from the battlefields, behind closed doors by a small number of men who could just as easily have been enemies based on their conflicting ideologies and beliefs.  Featuring former Head of the British Army, General Sir Michael Jackson, the series focuses on the critical moments and locations where World War II was won and lost. It was not only a race to defeat the fascist Axis Powers, but also to gain territory, to create alliances and to win the right to shape the post-war world. Each episode begins with a decisive moment in the war - sometimes a great victory, such as El Alamein and Stalingrad, sometimes a moment of horror or shame, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor or the massacre at Katyn - and then back-tracks to explore who was responsible, who rushed to take the credit and who managed to escape the blame. Expert interviews with today's historians, military personnel and political figures give the series a contemporary relevance. 

The Warrior's WayThe Warrior's Way

The most eminent fighters in human history, detailing the greatest achievements on the battlefields, command of their armies, brilliant strategies and unique fighting styles that enabled them to conquer their enemies in overwhelming force.

Secrets of the Lost LinersSecrets of the Lost Liners

Secrets of The Lost Liners is an in-depth marine history series charting the design, service and loss of some of the world's greatest ocean liners. From art deco icons, luxury floating palaces, to national symbols, this six-part documentary covers 100 years of extravagant ships that pushed the boundaries of engineering and design, but which, one by one, were tragically lost through conflict, accident or human error. With unprecedented access to experts and historians, and never before seen footage, Secrets of the Lost Liners will uncover each ship's storied past. Episodes include the Cap Arcona, the Queen Elizabeth, SS Rex, the Andrea Doria, the Normandie, and SS America.  

Hitler's GoldHitler's Gold

Who Financed Hitler? Where did he get the money and backing to achieve power in 1933 Germany? This eye-opening mini-series unearths Hitler's money trail and exposes the people who enabled him to become the most powerful man in Europe.

Hitler: Uncovering His Fatal ObsessionHitler: Uncovering His Fatal Obsession

The release of this documentary series will mark the year WWII became the most catastrophic conflict in human history. From the 1920s a detestation of the Soviet Untermenschen had been a central part of Hitler's ideology. A war with Soviet Russia was always a precondition for the success of his racial vision; for the flourishing of Aryan man.

Ross Kemp: Shipwreck Treasure HunterRoss Kemp: Shipwreck Treasure Hunter

In a brand-new Sky HISTORY show, Ross Kemp dives on a series of incredible shipwrecks around the British coastline to reveal some of the nation's murkiest and best-kept secrets. From the remains of a slave ship discovered off Plymouth, to the Kaiser's sunken Imperial Fleet in Scapa Flow and an experimental submarine aircraft carrier, which sank with all passengers and crew on deck during its sea trials, Ross uncovers Britain's hidden maritime past.

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