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Amazing Animal FriendsAmazing Animal Friends

Best friends come in all shapes, sizes, and species, from America to Australia, and from Britain to Zimbabwe. This six-part series looks at the cutest, funniest, and least expected animal relationships in the world, featuring animals that shouldn't get along but, for whatever reason, make their special bonds work. Join us as we travel the globe to meet an orphaned rhino calf and her dog and sheep companions, an orphaned baby kangaroo and a wombat, a zebra-donkey hybrid and two camels, and many more unusual but amazing friendships.

Secret Life Of The Tasmanian DevilSecret Life Of The Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian devils are the bruisers of the animal kingdom: feisty, fearless, and always up for a fight. But despite being at the top of the food chain, these marsupials face extinction due to a deadly disease they pass on to one another through biting. Join conservationists as they step into the turf of this brawling ball of ferocity, in a bid to rescue them from themselves.

Life's JourneyLife's Journey

Follows a colorful array of species as they are born, mature and have families of their own. From bush babies finding their independence, to leaders of the pack stepping down after a long and relentless reign, learn how African wildlife navigate the circle of life.