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De Zaak MentenDe Zaak Menten
Omroep MAX, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Thriller, History, Biography

The story of Dutch journalist Hans Knoop's 1970s struggle to uncover the truth about World War II war criminal Pieter Menten.

Bed & BreakfastBed & Breakfast
Omroep MAX, 2012 Running | Reality

Three couples all stay together one night. During their visit, they submit each other's Bed & Breakfast to a thorough investigation. The owners sleep in special places. In the meantime, they try to pamper their guests as best they can. They guide them around the area during several outings.

Omroep MAX, 2024 Running | Drama, Family

When it turns out after her father's death that he still has two daughters, it is a huge shock for farmer's daughter Rolinde. And not only for her, but also for her half-sisters Nienke and Faya. The three women will have to relate to each other, but also to themselves. Because who are you if you don't know your past? Moreover, their father's life appears to be surrounded by mystery, not least surrounding his death. Because was his fall into the manure pit an accident?

We zijn er Bijna!We zijn er Bijna!

Presenter Martine van Os follows a group of elderly holidaymakers who make a tour with a caravan or camper.