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All American StoriesAll American Stories

All American Stories profiles eight athletes who overcame unimaginable obstacles in their relentless pursuit of greatness. Roth sits down with each athlete as they share their story, with additional insight and commentary by Paysinger, who triumphed over his own obstacles to make it to the NFL. Featured athletes include NFL linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair, Paralympic Medalist Scout Basset, Olympic Gold Medalist Michelle Carter, Paralympic guide runner Jerome Avery, adventurer Colin O'Brady, cyclist Denise Muller Korenek, Paralympic cyclist Leo Rogers and Olympic runner Lopez Lomong.

World of QuestWorld of Quest
The CW, 2008 | Animation
Rating: 1/5

Prince Nestor and his unlikely sidekick named Quest team up to defend their kingdom when the King and Queen are captured by Lord Spite.

Barber BattleBarber Battle
The CW, 2015 | Talent, Music, Reality, Competition
Rating: 1/5

The show visits different barbershops across the country in each of its 10 episodes. The most talented barbers will compete to showcase their artistry - from portraits to landmarks to ballparks - on someone's head.

The CW, 2006 | Animation
Rating: 2.5/5

Chaotic tells the tale of a teenage boy named Tom and his friend Kaz. They both play the Chaotic Trading Card/Online Game. Kaz always tries to tell Tom about a secret code to play for real which Tom refuses to believe. While playing online Tom receives the special password. When he enters the password into his game scanner he is transported to a place called Chaotic that is able to take him to another world where the characters, locations and items in the card game come to life.

Shedding for the WeddingShedding for the Wedding
The CW, 2011 | Family, Romance/Dating, Lifestyle
Rating: 1/5

Ten overweight and engaged couples will compete in order to see who loses the most weight over a three-month period. The couple who loses the most weight will win their dream wedding.

The CW, 2007 | Family
Rating: 1/5

"Crowned" is an eight episode reality program where mother-daughter teams compete to win a beauty pageant title along with $100,000! Each mother-daughter duo must have patience, humor, talent, good looks, and teamwork.

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