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Das Geschaft mit der Liebe - Frauen aus dem OstenDas Geschaft mit der Liebe - Frauen aus dem Osten
ATV (AT), 2010 | Reality
Rating: 3/5

This reality series accompanies singles in search of a partner for life and shows serious and less serious recruitment agencies who offer their help to lonely men.

Mein Recht! Ich geb nicht aufMein Recht! Ich geb nicht auf
ATV (AT), in development | Documentary

Attorney Dr. Christian Horwath helps those affected to see through the jungle of paragraphs and shows what options they have to enforce their rights. From neighborhood conflicts to Internet rip-offs, pitfalls in rental contracts and inheritance disputes to doctors botch - based on the most exciting cases from his program, legal expert Christian Horwath clarifies the legal situation in Austria and shows how those affected get what they are entitled to.

Pfusch am BauPfusch am Bau
ATV (AT), 2010 | Housing/Building
Rating: 5/5

Desperate home builders are visited in their construction ruins and try to get to the bottom of the mistakes with the help of a construction expert. Experts from the construction industry and lawyers give tips on what to look for in construction, contracts and complaints. ATV tries to get those companies in front of the camera who are responsible for the botched construction.

Saturday Night Fever - So feiert Osterreichs JugendSaturday Night Fever - So feiert Osterreichs Jugend

This reality TV format accompanies young people at their extended nightly celebrations in localities. The social behavior among each other is shown. Since the sometimes massive alcohol consumption of the celebrants is not always without consequences, the report also illuminates the celebrations from the executive's point of view. The not always positive attitude of parents towards their children's need for nightly entertainment in discos is also presented.

Wir leben im GemeindebauWir leben im Gemeindebau

This series centers around residents of community housing and shows the most diverse stories of the remarkable people, creative birds and fun-loving Austrians who create the special flair of this form of living.