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Red LightRed Light
Streamz, 2020 | Drama, Crime, Thriller
Rating: 3/5

Three women get caught in the world of human trafficking, prostitution and organised crime when one their husbands disappears. The women, with a completely different background, meet on a similar turning point in their life.

Glad ijsGlad ijs
Streamz, 2021 | Comedy, Drama

Glad ijs is about hard-working self-made man Phil "Frisco" Druyts. While Phil is wildly popular with his employees and across the country, his own family is very different. So he sees his life's work disappear unexpectedly when his wife and oldest son sell his ice cream factory behind his back. Shortly thereafter Phil is kidnapped and the whole country is in turmoil.

F*** you very, very muchF*** you very, very much

Fed up with her banal existence, Ann ditches her life as it is. Dragging her two best friends along, she navigates a year of brutally honest madness, enlightened by mental field trips to the Stone Age and unsolicited superhero advice.

Billie vs BenjaminBillie vs Benjamin
Streamz, 2022 | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: 1/5

The love story of a left-wing girl and a right-wing boy.

Niets te MeldenNiets te Melden
Streamz, 2020 | Comedy

A police car, the central dispatch and the hiding place of a gang of criminals: these three locations form the backdrop for the new comedy series 'Niets Te Melden'. Hidden in containers with coffee beans, an important Antwerp drug cartel locks tons of drugs into the country. But patrol 74's criminal investigation department is on their trail and keeps a close eye on them...

Storm LaraStorm Lara

Radio voice Lara is a charismatic yet complex woman who never mince words. A mysterious caller stirs up emotions in the studio and Lara's character is put to the test.

The WindowThe Window
Streamz, 2021 | Drama, Sports

A look at the multi-billion dollar business surrounding international professional football where players are bought and sold at the end of the English Super League season.