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Anyone who dies as a Muslim in Belgium, saddles his next of kin with a major dilemma: where should he or she be buried? Here or in the country of origin? When Ishmael - Smile for the friends - takes over his father's repatriation company, he seems to have found the solution to the problem: "If you can't bury Muslims in the holy ground in Morocco, then we just bring that ground here ... ". An idea as simple as it is brilliant, but without realizing it, Smile opens Pandora's box.

De bachelorette (2021)De bachelorette (2021)

De bachelorette is about romance, rivalry and, quite possibly, true love! Belgium's most eligible bachelorette, Elke Clijsters, is in search of the man of her dreams and hopefully her groom-to-be in this hit reality series. Our bachelorette is ready to find love and will embark on a romantic journey as she meets 20 handsome bachelors, all vying to win her heart. The guys compete for the bachelorette's affection via individual and group dates involving local and far-flung romantic encounters and adventures. As the bachelorette narrows the field and the number of men dwindles, romance and tensions will rise. At the end of her romantic voyage, if she has found Mr. Right, will there be a proposal - and from whom?


12 civilians are on the run and try to hide in a country full of cameras. Danger is lurking and everything you do leaves a trace. A team of detectives searches for clues and try to capture them