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30 Something Grandma30 Something Grandma

The show will showcase the stories of extraordinary women whose lives have been changed by the unexpected arrival of a new family member and the even more surprising title of "Grandma"!

Wild CardWild Card

Zoe Busiek is a former Las Vegas blackjack dealer whose life takes an unexpected turn when her sister dies in a car accident and she has to take care of her sister's three children, teenaged Taylor, preteen Cliff, and little kid Hannah. When the insurance company denies the family a financial settlement Zoe takes matters into her own hands, which leads her to a new career as an insurance fraud investigator with handsome former criminal Dan Lennox and serious but sweet Sophia Mason becoming her partners.

Liz & DickLiz & Dick

In this highly anticipated Lifetime Original Movie, Lindsay Lohan stars as the legendary Elizabeth Taylor alongside Grant Bowler as renowned actor Richard Burton.

On The Road With Austin & SantinoOn The Road With Austin & Santino

Join Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice as they design one of a kind looks for small town women as they celebrate birthday parties, bachelorette parties and graduations. Not only will the designers clash with their designs but they will have to face demanding clients.

Vanished With Beth HollowayVanished With Beth Holloway

Examines America's unsolved cases as told to Holloway by the families who've been victimized by mysterious abductions or disappearances of loved ones and unspeakable crimes. Left with little hope, they turn to Holloway, who continues her tireless quest to uncover the mystery surrounding her daughter Natalee's tragic 2005 disappearance.


Loosely based on her own experiences, Shepherd's character will endure an unfaithful husband and his illegitimate child when she is forced to let the mother and child move in with her.

Born in the WildBorn in the Wild

The show documents couples' personal decisions to give birth in nature. In this new series, families take one step beyond homebirth and make the powerful choice to experience childbirth in the great outdoors. No inductions, no epidurals...just expectant mothers facing and giving birth in the arms of Mother Nature. They'll take on the unique challenges of their natural environment, tackling every obstacle the wilderness can dish out in order to realize their dream of an outdoor birth.

Veronica ClareVeronica Clare
Lifetime, 1991 | Drama

The eponymous Clare is aprivate investigator and part-owner of a Chinatown jazz club, who uses intelligence rather than physical strength to solve cases.

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