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Alla utom viAlla utom vi

Hilma and Ola are desperately trying to get pregnant. An emotional and financial roller coaster about a couple's longing and difficulties in trying to have children. Ola and Hilma go through everything from embarrassing family dinners, Danish sperm donors and an environment with opinions about how "heavenly easy" it is to have children.

Udda veckorUdda veckor
Discovery+, 2021 | Drama
Rating: 4/5

Newly separated Frida has big plans for a quiet life with the children after the divorce from Jonas. But single life comes as a shock to Frida, Jonas moves on quickly - and nothing turns out as she intended.

The Island SverigeThe Island Sverige

Maria Montazami, Lisa Ajax, Thomas Wassberg, Klas Eriksson, Magdalena Graaf, Danyel Couet, Mikael "Soldoktorn" Sandström and Alexandra Zazzi will undergo perhaps the biggest challenge of their lives ever. For 14 days, they try to survive on a desert island off Panama - completely isolated from the outside world and without access to food, water or other necessities.

Alla mot alla med Filip och FredrikAlla mot alla med Filip och Fredrik

Celebrities compete in a rock-hard and entertaining knowledge battle, presented by Filip and Fredrik. The famous Swedes meet each other in pairs. Which celebrity team knows the most about its contemporaries?


Annie moves in with her brother Matteo and his room mates Emil, Ola and Ã-land in Stockholm. They find themselves in odd situations concerning everyday problems that both tests and proves the friendship of the collective.

Alt du elskerAlt du elsker
Discovery+, 2022 | Drama

Sara and Jonas fall madly in love. But then Sara discovers that Jonas is slowly radicalizing through a right-wing extremist forum online. Can love keep him from sacrificing himself for his ideologic conviction?


Mattias Särnholm has long had a dream: To get to go on a motorcycle and experience Sweden. Just the roads and nature. Good company and good food. But reality soon reminds us and the dream trip threatens to become a hellish trip.