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Female Construction WorkersFemale Construction Workers
PowNed, 2022 | Reality

Women in construction are still very much in the minority. The figures speak for themselves: of all construction workers, only 8 percent are women. But those women certainly stand their ground! With the same ease with which they use a curling iron, these tough ladies operate a crane, concrete mixer or bulldozer.

PowNed, 2020 | Talk Shows, News
Rating: 5/5

Dennis Schouten and Jan Roos discuss the latest gossip news.

Geluk bij een OngelukGeluk bij een Ongeluk
PowNed, 2022 | Reality

There are 54 recovery companies active in the Netherlands that deploy more than 150,000 times a year. They are available day and night for accidents and breakdowns, but also for seizures. We follow these heroes of the road. Their motto: service is a lifestyle! And for the rest you just figure it out...

Meiden Die RijdenMeiden Die Rijden
PowNed, 2021 | Reality

We follow fourteen women who have fulfilled their girlhood dream and become truck drivers. The girls drive 500 hp trucks, sometimes cross all of Europe and sleep in their cabins. They are tough girls who hold their own in a world dominated by men.

PowNed, 2019 | Crime, Reality

Dennis Schouten, Bram Krikke and Mark Baanders help victims of injustice to obtain justice.

De Gevaarlijkste Wegen Van De WereldDe Gevaarlijkste Wegen Van De Wereld

Dutch celebrity couples venture on the dangerous mud roads along ravines, extreme mountain passes and terrifying jungle routes.